Is there a full life of a remoter without freelance exchanges?

    After reading the question, many immediately nod their heads. Like, of course, exists. And they will even begin to cite examples that actually turn out to be units that have fallen into the field of coaching or literary creation.

    In reality, everything looks a little different, and there are thousands of successful freelancers who, in spite of the top rating and a recognizable name, are in no hurry to leave the space of their favorite freelance exchange . And there are enough reasons for this. Let's get it together.

    Safe and reliable

    Those who are faced with dishonest customers, or even worse tyrants, will understand what they mean. At the stock exchange, you always have the opportunity to complete a transaction as part of the service, thereby protecting yourself from the Bender Ostap. In the event of a contentious issue, the Arbitration intervenes in the cooperation process, which, as an impartial judge, renders a verdict.

    On the other hand, working through a virtual intermediary is very attractive to decent customers who quietly carry out prepayments through the service, but who are wary of remote workers found on the Internet. A person who has profiles on social networks and even his own site with some reviews causes them more doubts than a registered user of the exchange, even with a small rating. The reliability of the first is almost impossible to verify, but with the second it is already easier.

    No frames, no limits

    Another important point that attracts to the exchange is the variety of projects. Being outside of it, you will not have such a wide opportunity to choose tasks. For example, Sausage Kolbasych will find you on word of mouth and offer to work on a description of the meat delicacies of its production, and your soul lies to the beautiful or you are an inveterate vegetarian. You can, of course, refuse. But ... Firstly, it is fraught with the loss of potential earnings, and secondly - it can negatively affect your reputation, because Sausage Kolbasych can tell about you as an unreliable performer. And her reputation is worth a lot.

    On the exchange, you can always leave applications in projects that delight you with the topic, terms of reference, payment or deadlines, but simply with the customer’s avatar. You will have the opportunity to choose tasks based on your personal plans and, possibly, problems. Not in the mood? Sick? Just close all the windows on the laptop and relax.
    You’ve recovered, opened an account, and there are already dozens of interesting projects for you, and you undertake to storm them with a vengeance.

    Less downtime

    On the other hand, if there is a lull in work or urgently needs financial injections, you can always find a project on the stock exchange that falls into your hands. At Weblancer, there are quite a few new projects that you can apply for every day. Agree that in such conditions it is difficult to remain without work.

    What can not be said about completely free swimming. No one can guarantee you a steady flow of new orders. Moreover, they can disappear at the same time, and therefore also appear at the same time, forcing you to drown in deadlines. And it’s very difficult in this case to build a balance and catch Zen.

    Confirmed Image

    A definite plus of freelance exchanges is the rating. When you earn it and gain positive reviews, it is very easy to take the desired orders. Building an image outside of remote work sites is quite difficult.

    This requires constant investment in the site and advertising on social networks. In addition, all potential PR channels need to be constantly maintained and developed. This is again your personal time and possibly financial waste.

    It’s much harder to get the same feedback from customers, because they don’t care. In addition, the question arises: how to design them, that they looked believable? Reviews today, as you know, the product is very running.

    On any freelance exchange, all these points do not cause problems. They advertise and promote themselves. The process of obtaining feedback has been brought to automaticity. A letter is sent to the customer with a proposal to leave an impression of cooperation on a saucer with a border. He can only print a couple of lines in a special window.

    About your objections

    Yes, the life of a remote agent without freelance exchanges, of course, exists, but is it full? You must admit that starting in the field of remote work is practically impossible without these special portals. And it's not true that everything is very complicated. Nobody said it was easy. It is enough to correctly form an application for the project, and without a rating you can get a decent order. All the top freelancers started this way.

    By the way, the latter, even if overgrown with regular customers, still monitor new projects. “Permanent” is not a synonym for “eternal”. Sooner or later, this constancy ends, and then there is nowhere to run, except for your favorite freelance exchange. She, like mom, will always take back and regret. Go to any page of a rating user and see when he was online. I bet you won’t even find a couple of people from this community who came in, say, a year ago?

    And do not confuse freelancers who, having gained some experience, create their own companies or agencies and promote their services. They are already managers, and it is incorrect to call them remote managers. The same applies to those who founded courses in their specialization and conducts marathons on social networks. They have also changed their status.

    A freelancer, personally working on projects in his specialization, is very, very difficult to operate without exchanges. This succeeds to units, and then, as a rule, working for one customer. But is it 100% freelance when, in fact, you have a boss and, albeit a remote, but permanent team?

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