Snom D717 IP Phone Review

    Today we will talk about Snom's latest product - a low-cost desk phone in the D7xx line, Snom D717. It is available in black and white.


    D717 is located in the lineup between D725 and D715. From the "neighbors" it differs primarily in the display with a different aspect ratio, closer to square; or rather, the new product is more like an older model, Snom D735 . Of course, such a display is more convenient, because more information is placed on it, which means that you have to scroll less often, for example, when you need to find a contact in the phone book. As with the older comrades, the area with the display and context keys is separated by a panel of glossy plastic.

    Color display with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels.

    To the right of it are three programmable keys with a two-color LED backlight, and under the display there are four context-sensitive shortcut keys for basic phone functions.

    To the left of a number of context-sensitive keys is a light sensor, thanks to which the phone automatically adjusts the brightness of the display backlight. On the one hand, this saves energy, and if a company collects a couple of thousand of such phones, then the adaptive brightness function will help save a tidy sum for a year. But this is interesting for business, and for users themselves, the benefit is that automatic brightness control for lighting significantly increases the comfort of using the phone. If there is not much light in the room, a too bright display does not dazzle, does not distract attention. And when the room is lit by the bright sun, you do not have to strain your eyes, trying to make out the dim numbers and letters.

    On the display there is a stylish joystick of control and accompanying keys of confirmation and cancellation, and also a key of the Do Not Disturb mode and listening to messages.

    The main keyboard unit also migrated unchanged from the older model:

    The handset is conveniently shaped, fits well in the hand. Underneath is a decorative speakerphone speaker grill.

    One of the main differences between the D7xx line and the D3xx is the presence of a removable stand, which allows you to change to choose one of two phone tilt angles - 46 ° or 28 °. If desired, the D717 can generally be hung on a wall or laid on a table.

    There is a USB port on the right side of the D717, you can connect a Wi-Fi or DECT dongle to it, or a headset:

    Also on the reverse side are two RJ45 Ethernet ports that support data transfer at speeds up to 1 Gbps, one LAN port, a telephone input and a headset input.


    Snom D717 is compatible with all SIP-switches and IP-PBX, so you will have no difficulty integrating this model into your existing communication system. The phone supports 6 SIP accounts at the same time. There is a built-in phone book for 1000 entries, three-way conference calling and broadband sound quality are supported, including when the speakerphone is turned on - a pleasant and somewhat unexpected feature for an inexpensive model. The Snom D717 has a built-in comfort noise generator and voice activity detector (that is, the phone mutes the microphone while you are silent during a conversation and activates it as soon as you start talking).

    The phone can be configured over a wide range, including completely remotely via the web interface, that is, you can very quickly deploy large distributed telephone networks. Moreover, the D717 has a feature for automatically updating firmware and settings. Supported dialing by URLs, there is a function of automatic redial if the subscriber number is busy. There is a “black list”, lists of missed and received calls, as well as dialed numbers (100 entries in each list, this is enough for the vast majority of use cases).

    As befits any self-respecting office phone, the D717 is equipped with a call hold function (with a background melody, if your IP-PBX supports it), two call transfer modes - direct (aka “blind”), allows you to transfer an active call to another operator without prior consultation with him) and accompanying, call forwarding and parking. Snom D717 supports the Unified Communications protocol, can work with several external audio devices, is equipped with a built-in HTTP / HTTPS web server and a wide range of codecs:

    • Broadband audio
    • G.711 α-law, μ-law
    • G.722 (Broadband)
    • G.726, G.729AB, GSM 6.10 (FR)

    The phone is equipped with support for the TLS, SRTP (RFC3711), SIPS and RTCP protocols. The phone can be powered by both an external 5 V power supply and PoE interface.

    Although Snom D717 belongs to the low-cost models of the Dxx line, however, it is not much inferior in terms of capabilities to more expensive "comrades". And like all Snom products, the phone has a three-year international warranty.

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