How to achieve goals?

    5 tips to help you achieve your desired goal. Of course, it is not necessary to carry them all out and in the order indicated. However, it is important not only to read them and forget, but try to apply them in your life.

    1. Write down your goal!

    The well-known rule — «If the goal exists only in the head, then consider that it does not exist».
    We write down the goal and it takes on real form. Yes, and the brain begins to perceive something written down as already quite real, prompting him to start doing a deferred project, explore a new industry, go in for sports, etc.

    Human memory is limited. When you write down a goal on paper, then you have a free amount of memory that you can use for new thoughts and ideas. That is why, thanks to a simple action “to write down a goal”, we are more successfully moving towards it.

    2. SMART criteria

    SMART — Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time bound. Each letter is a criterion for the effectiveness of goals.

    • Specific
    The more specifics, the higher the probability of achieving the goal. Determine exactly what result you want to achieve. For example, «I want to climb the Eiffel Tower.»

    • Measurable
    The end result should be easily measurable. Ask yourself «What indicator or criteria can you use for this?». Selfies on the Eiffel Tower are an example of a measurable result.

    • Achievable
    If you have resources to achieve your goal, then your goal is achievable. Logical, isn't it? Resources are knowledge, information, money, time, etc. Before you begin to reach your goal, stop and analyze what you already have, what you may need and where you will get it.

    • Relevant
    Ask yourself the question — “Will the implementation of a task really accomplish the desired goal?” You need to make sure that each task is really necessary.

    • Time bound
    Set a deadline for achieving the goal. This mobilizes your strength and will not allow to waste time in vain. Set yourself an adequate time! For example, it is impossible to lose 10 kg in two days.

    3. If you make a plan — make it in the form of actions

    Build your plan of action with clear and specific instructions to yourself.

    To begin with, answer yourself the following questions: where should I start? What do I already have to achieve the goal, and what do I need? For example, if you want to climb the Eiffel Tower, the steps will be as follows:

    1. Buy plane tickets.
    2. Book a hotel in Paris.
    3. Pack a suitcase.
    4. Get to the airport.
    5. …

    See how the goal becomes clear, specific and realistic? However, you should not make a plan in too much detail — some things you cannot control, and this is normal.

    4. Diary of achievement

    Leave short comments as you complete the points of your plan. Thus, you, first of all, streamline your thoughts, as well as be able to make adjustments to the plan (of course, if the need arises). And most importantly, you constantly maintain your focus on the goal.

    When you write in your diary about the difficulties you encounter and about pleasant moments, your commitment to achieving the goal is strengthened. After some time, when you set yourself new goals, a diary of achievements will help you to remember the main obstacles and pleasant moments to achieve certain goals!

    5. Explore people with similar goals!

    Find several people with similar goals/concerns/aspirations. You don’t have to meet them personally! In the age of social networks, you can simply watch them, borrow from them solutions for various tasks, be motivated by their success, etc.

    For long-term goals, when much has already been done, but there are still many difficult tasks ahead, it is very useful to see ahead of the person who has already passed this path. Or vice versa, compete with a person who is at the same stage as you.

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