Photo game for those who like drones: briefly about AirSelfie 2

    AirSelfie 2 - a miniature quadrocopter with a camera, or as it is called on the official website: aerial camera.

    It just so happened that the strengths and weaknesses encountered here stem from the same idea: the idea of ​​extreme portability. Let's look a little closer:

    PS: there are several GIFs up to 3MB .

    AirSelfie 2 , as the name implies, is the second version of the toy. The success of the first was extraordinary: in striving for a goal of 50 thousand on Kickstarter in 2016 a little less than 600 thousand euros were raised . Pretty good!

    But be that as it may, of course, any "designer" little thing becomes a hostage of its design, and for all its merits, it has its limitations. What is more here - let's try to figure it out.

    Externally, AirSelfie is really very nice, for which he received Reddot, in general.

    The drone is a rectangle with smooth corners, the dimensions of which are slightly larger than a pack of cigarettes.

    And if you consider the height - then even less.

    The case is burdened only by the camera - on the one hand, Type-C connector on the other (cable included):

    And on the sides it has small inserts. Bottom on / off button:

    Nothing complicated and unusual here. 4 screws, connector and button. All this is compactly packed in a rectangular box:

    Most of which is, frankly, space is unnecessary:

    Inside, besides AirSelfie 2 and the cord, there is also a leather special case for carrying aerial cameras.

    Flight features

    1. Miniature size = miniature battery. In such a small box, as you can already see, the built-in 450 mAh battery fits. On the whole, you cannot call it anything unusual: all small drones fly about the same amount of time: AirSelfie will last 5-6 minutes in the air. It takes 20-30 minutes to charge. An interesting feature was noticed: to charge the copter, it must be turned off with the button. If you just drop the battery, connect the gadget to charging, but leave it turned on and connected - it does not charge.

    2. Small size = small propellers. The trick here is that they cannot lift the structure from the floor. AirSelfie starts from the hand: you need to push it up a little, after which it soars perfectly in the air.

    3. Small size = light weight. The copter weighs only about 80 grams, and this affects when you run it on the street. In windy weather, driving becomes more difficult, of course. For example, here, a couple of gifs, how we ran it:

    • In the office:

    He behaves more than steadily, is easily controlled, does not change the trajectory, he does not lead anywhere.

    • Outside:

    Driving is getting harder. AirSelfie takes you in the direction of the wind.

    Management Features

    A drone is controlled through the app. This is not the first toy with such controls that we encounter, but the first where control does not cause any difficulties. The only thing - the main thing is to download the application correctly: there are two of them - one under AirSelfie, the second under AirSelfie 2. We need the second ( Android | IOS ).

    The drone is connected via wi-fi, more precisely defined as an access point, which gives it some advantage in terms of control radius - up to 20 meters.

    After that, when you return to the application, you will be offered three control options to choose from simple to complex.

    And here the trick is that you need to choose the most difficult option: so, surprisingly, the easiest way to control AirSelfie 2. In this mode, you have a horizontal display with two “touch” buttons, and the screen broadcasts what the drone’s camera sees. Immediately, you can set some camera settings.

    In order to raise AirSelfie into the air, hold the up button for a few seconds (on the left of the display). To take a shot - a white button on the right. Higher photo / video switching mode.

    By and large, there is no interference except the wind, the interface is convenient and fairly clear. All functions that may be required are displayed on the control screen, but do not interfere with each other. Of the other menu items, perhaps only automatic calibration may be needed.

    It is located the first item in the settings menu. By the way, this can be noted as a big plus: do not bother with calibration in traditional ways, as it is found in drones with a controller. It works quickly, automatically and properly. Indoors, the drone stably and evenly hangs in the air.

    In general, given that we are encouraged to take selfies. Plus a small and safe design with screws closed on the sides. It turns out that such a drone is quite suitable as a "home" one. A kind of flying camera for parties and parties, very easy to operate and safe for others. Yes, and the outlets in the room, of course, much more than on the street.

    Photo and video

    As already mentioned, all other sections, such as the gallery, are not very necessary in the application: AirSelfie 2 is perfectly recognized as a removable disk, from where it is easy to get photos and videos. In total, it holds up to 16 GB of data. Takes a model on a 12 MP camera.

    Sample photos 4032x3024 (up to 7MB)!

    Examples of videos on the poison: one , two .


    AirSelfie 2 is a fun toy, and the rare case when it kills and makes you stronger is one and the same thing: in this case, in our opinion, the craving for the “most compact” category.

    The optimal scenario for using such a drone is a home, a small party or a family holiday, where some action and a photo are relevant, although photos in natural light are better.

    The drone in its characteristics is similar to its counterparts in the category: small battery capacity with a flight time of up to 5-6 minutes, relatively fast charging, a camera and a decent memory capacity of 16 GB. In the air, its dimensions slightly “knock out” - 80 grams is clearly not enough for it to resist the wind.

    The most positive thing here is the very simple controls and auto-calibration, which will allow such a drone to be launched even by those who have decided to try to amuse themselves with something like that for the first time.

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