Using AppDynamics with Red Hat OpenShift v3

Recently, many organizations want their applications to transition from monoliths to microservices using a “platform as a service” (PaaS) such as RedHat OpenShift v3, AppDynamics has made significant investments in providing first-class integration with such providers.

AppDynamics integrates its agents with RedHat OpenShift v3 using Source-to-Image (S2I) methodologies. S2I is a tool for building playable Docker images. It creates ready-to-run images by inserting the application source into the Docker image and building a new Docker image. The new image, which includes the base image (builder) and the built source, is ready for use with the docker launch command. S2I supports incremental assemblies that reuse previously loaded dependencies, previously created artifacts, etc.


Complete Process for Using AppDynamics with RedHat OpenShift

Step 1: RedHat already provided

To complete steps 2 and 3, you can use S2I scripts in the next GitHub repository and instructions on how to create enhanced builder images for JBoss Wildfly and EAP servers. follow the link
Let's look at a specific example and use the application template to follow the link .

  • Make sure OC is installed ( link )
  • Make sure sti is installed ( link )
  • Make sure you have a dockerhub account ( link )

Step 2: Create an AppDynamics Builder Image

 $ git clone
$ cd sti-wildfly
$ make build VERSION=eap6.4 

Step 3: Create an Application Image

 $ s2i build  -e “APPDYNAMICS_APPLICATION_NAME=os3-ticketmonster,APPDYNAMICS_TIER_NAME=os3-ticketmonster-tier,APPDYNAMICS_ACCOUNT_NAME=customer1_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxf,APPDYNAMICS_ACCOUNT_ACCESS_KEY=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,,APPDYNAMICS_CONTROLLER_PORT=443,APPDYNAMICS_CONTROLLER_SSL_ENABLED=true” appdynamics/sti-wildfly-eap64-centos7:latest pranta/appd-eap-ticketmonster
$ docker tag openshift-ticket-monster pranta/openshift-ticket-monster:latest
$ docker push pranta/openshift-ticket-monster 

Step 4: Deploy the Application in OpenShift

$ oc login
$ oc new-project wildfly
$ oc project wildfly
$ oc new-app –docker-image=pranta/appd-eap-ticketmonster:latest –name=ticketmonster-demo

Now you can enter the controller and see the ticketmonster application in the application panel:

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