Thematic Habramitap # 1: backend development

    Hello, Habr! Our team attends many thematic IT conferences, and even speaks at some of them. And often during conversations on the sidelines we are asked the same question: are we planning to make our own conferences? Firstly, we sometimes do them very much (for example, a conference on content ), and secondly, old-timers will probably remember that earlier we held thematic .toster conferences . And yes, it was cool, very warm memories - just look at the photo reports: about JavaScript , about web development , about mobile applications and about Ruby . And in this regard, we want to talk with you.

    No, we have not decided yet to start making conferences again - we say hello to JUG.RU and Oleg Bunin ! But we would really like to conduct small thematic meetings with subsequent offline-virtualization ourselves, especially since there have already been trial meetings. We will not speak at habramitaps, but users and representatives of companies, among which there are many experts with rich experience. The initiative was supported by our friends and neighbors - the space for IT conferences VESNA . “VESNA Space” hosts a lot of IT events, and somehow we held there our spring habraseminar with burgers and beer from RUVDS.

    The event will take place in SPRING SPACE. We count on 100 people.

    Now we have many questions, the answers to which (in the comments) will greatly help us in organizing events.

    1. What topics are you interested in listening to reports on? We are still thinking about the backend. Options from our development team: logging / monitoring systems, the application of machine learning algorithms, database containerization, Kubernetes integration in CI / CD - we won’t do the survey (since there’s a lot), but the more you write, the better.
    2. Maybe there are specific speakers that you want to listen to?
    3. What time is more convenient for meetings: morning or evening?

    It is also important to discuss the cost of attending an event. I would like to see only those who are interested in the topic of the mitap among the audience. In this regard, we consider a reasonable price of 2000 ₽ for full-time participation - this will allow everything to be qualitatively organized and weed out lovers of free tartlets. What do you think?

    We plan to hold the first mitap at the end of May or at the beginning of June (registration by reference ), the theme is the backend. There will be two speakers' speeches for half an hour with coffee breaks and networking. The third presentation we want to hold in the format of an hour round table. An entertaining and networking part after performances is also planned.

    At the end of the meeting, you can compete for gifts at the auction. Currency - points that students receive for questions posed to speakers.

    If you are interested in acting as a sponsor / partner of the event, send your request to . In sponsorship options we offer offline and online integration.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Is this format of meetings interesting?

    • 84.5% Yes 71
    • 15.4% No 13

    What time to hold mitaps?

    • 23.6% In the morning 18
    • 76.3% Afternoon 58

    Is a mitap video broadcast needed?

    • 85.5% Yes 77
    • 14.4% No 13

    When to hold the first mitap?

    • 16.9% May 20
    • 28.8% 27 May 17
    • 54.2% June 3, 32

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