.Net Community of Raiffeisenbank invites to UPD mitap Broadcast

    Raiffeisenbank's .NET Community invites to Meetup, which will be held at the Moscow office in Nagatino on May 23 .

    Raiffeisenbank's developer community is actively organizing meetings, preparing workshops, and doing a lot more so that employees can share experience and knowledge with each other. The event program has two reports. Let's talk about DDD in microservices and find out how colleagues from Ozon implemented metrics collection in ASP.NET Core applications

    Konstantin Gustov, Raiffeisenbank

    DDD in microservices: complexity versus complexity

    DDD is a complex approach to software design. To study it, you need to read a lot and try even more. But when you have a lot of business logic and it is also confusing, it is difficult to create a developed large application without such an approach. We started using DDD in time almost coincided with the start of an active transition to a microservice architecture. This turned out to be an interesting experience in the application of two complex, but at the same time perfectly complementary things.

    From this report you will learn how we implemented subject-oriented design in our project, how we learned to talk with the customer in a language that he understood, how we split the code base into limited contexts, how we improved the quality of the code and, of course, what conclusions were drawn from this.

    Igor Chakrygin, Ozon

    Collecting metrics in ASP.NET Core applications using Prometheus and DiagnosticSource

    Metrics are an important part of any application. Thanks to them, we can detect problems and learn about them in a timely manner.

    At Ozon.ru, the collection of basic metrics in ASP.NET Core applications is fully automated using the DiagnosticSource engine. Developers just need to connect one NuGet package and write one line of code to start collecting metrics for incoming and outgoing http requests and database requests. At the same time, each application also has a dashboard, which does not need to be additionally configured. The metrics themselves are collected by the Prometheus system.

    In this report I will talk more about our implementation.

    The event starts at 19:00, the doors for guests open at 18:30

    Participation in the event is free, but by prior registration.

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