Pay Attention # 4: Digest of Articles on Product Thinking, Behavioral Psychology and Productivity

    • Cofounder Zuckerberg wrote a thoughtful article about why it’s time for state regulators to oblige Facebook to share. We have already discussed many of the arguments earlier , and the main thing remains the same: now Zuckerberg is single-handedly deciding what to do with communication and the media for 2 billion people. It seems to many, somehow too much.
    • Ben Evans (a16z) discusses the article above in his mailing list. Ben is not at all convinced that if you break up the company, it will lead to something sensible. At the same time, he shares his thoughts on the past Google I / O.
    • Insider look at the Silicon Valley, rich in technology and not the most humane area on Earth.
    • A ridiculous and curious look at how Buddhism intersects with product management. Something echoes the book by Robert Wright, “Why Buddhism is the truth.”
    • Collaborative Fund investment fund partner on what evolutionarily beneficial competitive advantages exist. It is no less interesting for personal development than for technology companies.
      Collaborative fund

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