10 thematic events of ITMO University

    This is a selection for specialists, students of technical specialties and their junior colleagues. In this digest we will talk about the upcoming thematic events (May, June and July). From a photo tour of the laboratory "Promising nanomaterials and optoelectronic devices" on Habr

    1. Investment pitch session from iHarvest Angels and FT ITMO

    When: May 22 (filing until May 13)
    How much: from c 14:30
    Where: Exchange ling, 14, ITMO University, auditorium... 611

    Business Angels Club iHarvest Angels invests from 3 million rubles in projects with development prospects in the international market. To present your startup club as part of a pitch session based on the Future Technologies business accelerator, you need to fill out a short questionnaire before May 13. Projects with an already formed team, ready-made prototype ( MVP ) and confirmed demand for your product are invited to participate (there are first customers / sales / partnership agreements, etc.). The pitch session will be held in the “4x4” format: 4-minute presentations with an additional 4 minutes to answer expert questions.

    2. Competition of projects from the Faculty of Physics and Technology

    When: submitting applications by May 15 We

    support the project approach and provide the opportunity to implement your ideas on the basis of ITMO University and the Sirius Educational Center. Our task is to search for projects in the field of physics suitable for collaboration with schoolchildren and students as semester tasks. Both schoolchildren themselves and their teachers, as well as university employees, students and graduate students from any region of the country can participate. Deadline for applications - May 15. Here you can find information on how to prepare them.

    3. Festival for students ITMO.START

    When: May 19
    How much: from c 12:00
    Where: Str. Lomonosov St., 9, ITMO University

    We invite students of grades 5-10 and their parents to our theme festival. We have prepared an interactive platform with the development of our student laboratories, master classes and thematic lectures. The main objective of the event is the presentation of opportunities for students at ITMO University. To participate, registration is required .

    4. The game on models of social entrepreneurship "Good business"

    When: May 25 What time
    : from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    Where: 10 Bolshaya Pushkarskaya St., Easy-Easy art space

    An open event for those who would like to try their hand at analytical work - developing sustainable monetization models and business modeling. The workshop will be conducted based on the Models of Impact Toolkit methodology . The participants will be assisted by experts: Grigory Martishin (Models of Impact Ambassador in Russia), Irina Vishnevskaya (Director of the Center for Social Innovation of the Leningrad Region), Elena Gavrilova (Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at ITMO University) and Anastasia Moskvina (Expert at the Center for Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovations of the Higher School of Economics) )

    5. Lecture by Sergey Kolyubin: “How Robotics and Cyberphysical Systems Complement Human Abilities”

    When: May 25
    How much: from c 16:00
    Where: nab. Admiralty Channel, 2, New Holland Island, Pavilion

    This lecture is part of the ITMO University lecture series on science and technology. Sergey Kolyubin , Ph.D., associate professor of the Department of Control Systems and Robotics, will talk about the development of robotics and developments in the field of cyberphysical systems . The lecture will focus on the issues of complementing the physical and cognitive capabilities of a person (human augmentation). The number of seats is limited, you can register here .

    From a photo tour of the laboratory of cyberphysical systems in Habré

    6. Lecture by Alexei Yekaykin “Planet at a Crossroads. What will be the Earth’s climate? ”

    When: May 28
    How much: from c 19:30
    Where: nab. Admiralteysky Canal, 2, New Holland Island, Pavilion

    Another seminar in the framework of the ITMO University lecture on science and technology. Alexey Yekaykin, Ph.D. in Geography, a glaciologist and leading researcher at the Laboratory for Climate Change and the Environment of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, will talk about climate change. The number of seats is limited, you can register here .

    7. International Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists in the Field of Computer Modeling (YSC-2019)

    When: June 24-28 (Enrollment until April 1)
    How much: from c 19:30
    Where: Greece, about. Crete, Heraklion, FORTH, Institute of Computer Science

    We organize this event together with the University of Crete (Greece), the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands) and the Foundation for Research and Technology FORTH (Greece). Our task is to strengthen ties between young scientists from different countries. The key topics of the conference are High Performance Computing, Big Data and modeling of complex systems.

    8. International University of Technology Startups Festival

    When: June 24-28 What time
    : from 9:00 to 22:00
    Where: St. Petersburg

    Teams are invited to participate in the pitch session - the final part of this event. Its goal is to provide an opportunity to communicate with potential investors and partners. Participants will be invited experts - Robert Neyvert (500 startups startups, USA), Mikhail Oseevsky (president of Rostelecom), Timur Schukin (head of the NTI working group Neuronet) and other speakers.

    9. International Symposium “Fundamentals of Laser Micro- and Nanotechnologies” - 2019 (FLAMN-2019)

    When: from June 30 to July 4
    Where: St. Petersburg, ITMO University, ul. Lomonosov St., 9

    This is the eighth international symposium dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the First All-Union Conference on the Interaction of Optical Radiation with Matter. An extensive scientific program and demonstration of the practical application of lasers in industry (in a separate section of the symposium) are planned for this event. Organizers - ITMO University, General Physics Institute named after A.M. Prokhorov Russian Academy of Sciences, LLC Laser Center, Russian Museum, Laser Association and Optical Society. D.S. Christmas.

    From a photo tour of the ITMO University's Laboratory of Quantum Materials

    10. "ITMO.Live-2019": Graduation from ITMO University

    When: July 6
    How much: the beginning of the issuance of diplomas at 11:00
    Where: Peter and Paul Fortress, Alexis Ravelin

    For us it is - the main "Open-Air" of the year. We expect more than four thousand participants. For them we will prepare interactive platforms, racks with ice cream, photo zones. Admission is free, but we urge you to have a passport or any identification document with you. By the way, until June 2, you can apply for participation in the contest "Best Graduate".

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