Office walk

The office of Gazprom Neft in the center of St. Petersburg is Vilensky Lane, 14 (near Chernyshevskaya and Ploshchad Vosstaniya metro stations). It is located on the site of the complex of barracks of the Preobrazhensky regiment. The front buildings have been restored; now they have business centers, one of which is owned by Gazprom Neft.

The Easy office has been designed and built to meet the changing corporate culture and modern approaches to work - a minimum of hierarchy and bureaucracy, a maximum of teamwork, transparency and freedom of communication between employees.

Many are familiar with standard office access systems when it is necessary to attach an identification card to a reader. Employees of this office get to the workplace easier. There is no need to use a pass at the entrance to the office thanks to the EnterFace 3D system, which recognizes faces in seconds.

Creative space in the office is created through color schemes. The first and third floor are orange, the second is blue, the fourth is blue. The flexible space of the ground floor is distinguished by non-standard workplaces - spacious areas for Agile teams are equipped with marker boards, smartboards, round tables and transforming chairs.

The agile space where IT products are developed is a mirror of changes in the approach to work. Organization of the workspace involves combining open space with multifunctional zones. Designer furniture allows you to create large and small work areas depending on your needs. Here you can freely move between different workspaces, among which are “cocoons” sofas with soundproofing, a kitchen. It is worth noting that in open space there are no separate offices for managers, and this speeds up communication.

The entire office is equipped with a large number of meeting rooms of various sizes, which can be booked remotely or on electronic panels on the wall, and all open spaces have areas for free communication. Transparent walls make the office more spacious, and the inscriptions on the glass create a feeling of additional space.

A special place in the office is the Lecture Hall. Here, training programs for employees are held, speakers from different fields speak - lecture topics from the sale of goods to interior design. Teams hold a demo. The lecture hall can accept 48-hour hackathons (there are showers in the office).

Another distinguishing feature of this space is technical innovations. Here, a single control system combines multimedia and engineering functionality, which allows you to adjust the brightness of light and light transmission, control the synchronization of smartboards with the main screen and much more. Mobile walls of the lecture hall transform a large space into separate classes.

Work should be a pleasure. So, not only cool projects are needed, but also time for relaxation. You can reboot and get some sleep in special sleep capsules, which is important for employees who fly a lot, changing time zones.

Each floor of the office is equipped with coffee points, on the ground floor there is a Drive Cafe. And there is great coffee there. Table tennis, hockey and football are available at the office.

Sports enthusiasts visit the interactive gym with the PRAMA training complex, which simultaneously accommodates 20 people. Here you can engage in the sections of fitness, boxing, yoga, running.

The lounge area is equipped on the fourth floor of the office, the equipment of which allows events of all formats to be held. From solemn awards to corporate events. And from here a beautiful view of the city opens.

When leaving the office, it is impossible not to notice the racing car, which has visited the legendary world routes, even in Le Mans, and the information panel. In real time, the multimedia monitor displays useful information: traffic jams, the cost of a barrel of oil, weather, etc., as well as current information about the company’s business and products.

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