Blacklist networks for Asterisk

    After installing Asterisk and putting the gateway on the Internet, attacks immediately begin with attempts to connect and make calls. To facilitate the work of other system administrators, I post a blacklist of networks.

    After the last network, with which the attack was made, was already a month of silence. Of course, over time, attackers will use new networks, but there will be no problems adding new ones to this list in the future. For those who do not know where this list is stored (I have a web interface on FreePBX 14.0.11):

    1. go to the web interface
    2. Connection-> Firewall
    3. Services-> Blacklist

    If this list contains the network you are using, simply remove it. In the future, add to the black list only the address from which the attacks will be. Information on setting up fire in the asterisk on the Internet is full.

    Actually, here is the list:
    UPDATE 05/14/2019 - uploaded to github.

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