Measure molded parts of complex shape? MetraSCAN 3D to the rescue

    The leading Czech company in the production, modernization and repair of molding machines uses the Creaform 3D scanner in its work, which greatly speeds up the process of measuring parts of complex shape.

    Šmeral Brno (Šmeral Brno) is a joint-stock company with many years of tradition, the foundation of which was laid back in 1861. Over its long history, the company has gradually expanded the scope of its activities. Starting with foundry and then adding machine building to it, in 1925 the company began to produce its own brand of molding equipment.

    Šmeral currently manufactures and supplies turnkey molding lines, including robotic automated ones.or transfers, autonomous molding machines and other equipment for forging shops - such as presses and stamping hammers for hot forging or forging rolls. Šmeral Brno is a world leader in the supply of cross wedge rolling machines for steel and aluminum alloys . An important part of the company's production program is the overhaul and modernization of molding equipment of any brand, type or year of manufacture.

    Why use a 3D scanner?

    Having already acquired such modern equipment as a laser tracker and CMM, Šmeral wanted to supplement its fleet of measuring and control equipment with a portable scanning device so that it would be easy to carry out comparisons with the CAD model, modernization and reverse engineering .

    After some searching, Šmeral contacted Creaform for detailed information on the MetraSCAN 3D 3D scanner, a flexible portable solution for 3D measurements in the production environment.

    MetraSCAN 3D is a portable 3D scanning device based on the C-Track optical tracker, which provides dynamic binding, automatic alignment and continuous tracking of parameters. This 3D scanner is insensitive to external fluctuations in the production environment and is ideal for measuring parts that cannot be transferred to a granite or cast-iron table.

    During a field demonstration held by SolidVision, the official distributor of Creaform in the Czech Republic, Šmeral Brno representatives were very impressed with the capabilities of the 3D scannerMetraSCAN 3D, especially in terms of measuring and scanning shiny and rough surfaces. Moreover, such results can be obtained without any preliminary preparation, in contrast to similar solutions that require spraying onto objects or performing other preliminary operations. Other pluses were the speed and affordable measuring range, as well as the portability of the system, which can be used both directly at the factory and at the customer site.

    Šmeral specialists quickly decided to purchase the MetraSCAN 750│Elite 3D scanner. Although they already had other measuring equipment, this device did not allow 3D scanning. The MetraSCAN 3D 3D scanner provided greater measurement capabilities: this is extremely important for the company, as it strives to provide the most effectivemeasurement methods in the design of equipment for transverse wedge rolling. The Creaform scanner proved to be of great help, making it possible to measure complex shaped products much faster.

    Examples of parts measured at Šmeral Brno with measurement reports

    Part 1: gear

    Part 2: shaft

    Part 3: hammer

    head before repair Material provided by Creaform.

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