April 2019 Joomla Digest

    I bring to your attention a selection of links to new materials on Joomla! CMS for March and April 2019. In the digest: news about Joomla, a selection of links to tools for developers and webmasters, an overview of solutions for e-commerce. Unfortunately, due to numerous trips around our country, the publication was so late that there was no reason to post it in March.

    Joomla Development

    Joomla World Conference 2019 will be held from November 8 to 10 in London. It is planned that about 400 people will attend the conference.
    Rumor has it that Joomla 4 will try to release for this event. Although I would put on the release of Joomla 4 in December.

    enJ and Beyond will not . This year, the familiar J and Beyond conference will not take place for everyone. The organizers initially wanted to change the format of the conference and move it to the end of the year, but the date of the Joomla World Conference 2019 made adjustments.

    Joomla 4 enAlpha 7 and enAlpha 8 Released. The most important change in Alpha 7 is the basic implementation of support for the REST web service. In the Alpha 8 release, the main emphasis was placed on the merge of Joomla 3.9.x releases. In addition, I want to note that the new Joomla admin panel template is back in public.

    Joomla 3.9.4 and 3.9.5 releases have been released . All releases included closing minor vulnerabilities and various fixes.

    In a couple of releases there were updates of Russian localization, for Joomla 3.9.4 and 3.9.5 - in the updates new variables were added and old ones were updated. I would like to note that now the “Experimental” router has been renamed “Modern” - this means that the development team since Joomla 3.9 considers the new router stable.

    enLocalization of Joomla in Kazakh- It took place! 76 official localization Joomla, I am glad that the Russian community has had a hand in creating this localization.

    enSome statistics Joomla . For two months, a very important change occurred, more than 50% of sites began to use the latest Joomla versions. Actual refers to Joomla since version 3.7.

    An official Joomla video has been released. The video can be viewed below.

    To developers

    A project that introduces us to the software features of Joomla - JPath has published several useful materials on the Joomla API:

    enAstroid framework has been updated to version 2.1.0 . From the new: Open Graph settings, blog settings, your own fonts and much more.

    enReplacing the standard article manager . Probably you have already met, with the opinion of some users, that Joomla is very difficult to write articles, many tabs and buttons. So this manager will simplify editing and creating new articles. In addition, it is free.

    Joomla and e-commerce

    In this section, we will talk about a component for commerce on Joomla once a month. The goal is to show a variety of solutions. Today we talk about JoomShopping .

    This section was conducted in an unusual format, but in the form of a brief interview with Igor aka Nevigen, he was one of those who brought JoomShopping to Russia.

    Describe briefly what is Joomshopping?

    Joomshopping is one of the components of the store developed for Joomla. Acquaintance with this component occurred in the search for alternatives to Virtuemart, there were a lot of alternatives at that moment RedShop, Xenmart, Joomshopping. Joomshopping is a convenient, simple, free component that allows you to have a good store with an assortment of up to 50,000 - 70,000 items. Perhaps more. But it was not possible to work with such shops.

    Benefits of Joomshopping? Why did you choose him?

    Joomshopping is a very flexible and highly extensible store. The program code is written in such a way that almost any aspect of the store’s work can be changed for itself using plug-ins. Also, this component was well popularized on the Joomla-forum, and the developers took good enough advice, corrected the errors found and implemented wishes. Joomshopping quickly enough developed taking into account the wishes of the users themselves, later it quickly reached the level of Virtuemart. Under it began to write extensions, payment plugins, extensions for SEO, and marketing tools.

    It is the simplicity and structuredness of the code in Joomshopping that gives it huge advantages in using and forming a very wide range of applications from a simple catalog to a store with a heavy load.

    Joomshopping has a fairly simple interface, sometimes even too rustic and a bit outdated. There are tons of free extensions, but they are not very functional. A fairly large community of developers has been formed who have experience in developing specialized solutions for the individual needs of customers based on Joomshopping, as well as developers who sell ready-made extensions for Joomshopping. There is also a fairly active forum and many people who are ready to suggest how to make or help find the necessary solution.

    What extensions and additions are needed for a full-fledged store on JoomShopping?

    JoomShopping is a free store, but this magic word is always misleading to beginner online stores. In general, consider an online store of any, not only WG, costs the same as a regular store. When you plan to open a store, you have a lot of questions, from repairs and wallpapers that need to be glued, to the placement of shop windows and counters so that it is convenient for the client to see and select the goods. And of course, arrange cash services in such a way that the client can pay as conveniently, quickly and without leaving anything extra taken at the checkout.

    Naturally there is a certain set of mandatory "masthead" extensions. For different stores, it may be different, but there are key ones.

    Any store must have:

    • convenient basket
    • quick order,
    • checkout on one page,
    • necessary plugins for payment and delivery,
    • if the store has a large assortment, a filter of goods is needed.

    These are required extensions. And with respect to Joomshopping, they are almost all paid. There are free ones, but they are not as functional as modern approaches to trading require.

    The component template for the front of the site is simple, it is both a plus and a minus. On the one hand, it is rustic in appearance - a minus, but on the other hand it is very simple in customization (alterations to fit your needs) - a plus.

    In conclusion, what would you say to people who decided to create an online store on Joomshopping?

    Joomshopping is a fairly powerful and developing component for Joomla. You can safely begin the work of your online store on its basis, and you can definitely return the invested time and effort. This is a guaranteed payback option for your i-shop, provided that you have received sufficient attention to it.

    Articles and interesting Joomla news

    en13 reasons why you should choose Joomla .

    en15 Ways To Improve SEO On Your Joomla Website .

    enNow you can register domains through the service .

    enJoomShaper switched to the release of templates twice a month , continue to dynamically enrich the functionality of PageBuilder, and released a one-click template installation system - when you add another step when installing the template, at which you can choose to install demo data or not. This is better than quickstart, since you can deploy it on top of an already running Joomla (on which something has already been done).

    Joomla vs Wordpress.It’s a very holistic article that Joomla is much superior to WordPress, I admit that I advised on Wordpress issues when the article was written, not everything that I said was reflected in the article and not everything was correctly interpreted, but in general the article claims to be correct in terms of Joomla's strengths are really highlighted and many myths about WordPress excellence debunked. I highly recommend that for those who are not fond of any CMS to read it and watch the video in it. They recommend watching a video about security.

    Joomla Templates

    Gavick Wedding Theme

    Joomshaper Template:

    Multifunctional template JA Aiga

    Yoko - a template from Yootheme. News template, from a German studio. Some especially patriotic acquaintances thought that this was a template of Russian subjects.

    JYProExtra - For those who use YooTheme PRO, a free plugin has been released that carries many service functions, in particular cleaning JS scripts, an image processor and the ability to work correctly with child themes.

    Multifunctional Template JA Mixstore

    Template for Government

    Interesting Joomla Extensions

    A major update to Articles Anywhere 9.0 has been released . From the new: sorting by custom fields, a new filter by date fields, automatic generation of alt / title attributes for images, and much more.

    JL Content Fields Filter Continuing the theme of filtering by fields, the free Joomla content filter has been updated. We already wrote about it, this time deepened support for nested categories and added support for filtering in articles in tags.

    Extension to change login .

    The Kunena forum has released several releases, including a security release with the closure of a high level XSS vulnerability.

    Radical form- a very simple and at the same time cool extension of the feedback form, allowing html code to design almost any form of feedback.

    Shack Article Manager - User article manager for Joomla.

    Project Manager Light - A simple project manager for Joomla

    Poll Manager - at the time of Joomla 2.5, the survey manager was in the box. In Joomla 3 it was deleted and safely forgotten, you can fill this gap with this free survey manager.

    Mitap Joomla in Moscow

    I missed this event, but still I can’t note that the meeting in April took place. Met a drink of beer and talked about the life of Joomla, and also outlined the next date.
    May 18, 2019 at 19:00. You can sign up on Vkontakte . There is also a group in Telegram , it is much more fun in it.

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