Infrared thermometer with sensor MLX90614

Original author: kk99, Poland, Warsaw
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An author from Warsaw developed an infrared thermometer with an MLX90614 sensor, a seven-segment HP QDSP-6040 display and an ATtiny2313 MCU microcontroller. The sensor allows you to measure temperature in the range: -70 - 380 ° C. The microcontroller ATtiny2313 communicates with the sensor via SMBus.

The measured temperature value is displayed.

The current per segment of the display is set to 4.67 mA, so the display can be easily connected directly to the MCU.

In the first solution, the ML2020 battery was used as a power source.

But then the author replaced it with a 200 mAh battery with TP4056 charging module.

The case of the IR thermometer is made of epoxy.

The IR thermometer is shown in the diagram above

Demo video showing the operation of the IR thermometer

Link to the source file for the ATtiny2313 MCU.

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