Positive Hack Days 9 Experiment: How Critical Thinking Helps in Life and Work

    In less than a month, PHDays 9 starts . This year the forum is full of innovations, including semantic ones: the concept of hacking constants will be reflected in an unusual experiment, which will be held as part of the Tech & Society section on May 21.

    The section will be devoted to critical thinking, as a person’s ability to question any information and personal beliefs, objectively analyze facts and make informed decisions. Its purpose is a clear demonstration of the importance of critical thinking in knowing one’s own capabilities and achieving goals.


    On the first day of the forum, May 21, 2019, in the Tech & Society section, bright and successful representatives of various fields of business and creative professions will present their path to the development of critical thinking and tell how their application influenced their self-development and the path to success.

    Each speaker will receive a fifteen-minute slot, during which in the Story Telling format the audience will be presented with examples of critical thinking and their significant influence on the path of each hero, examples of looking at the world from an unusual angle and creating a new reality, initiating new projects and their successful implementation.

    The section program has already announced:

    • Dmitry Kostomarov , entrepreneur, business angel. One of his most successful projects is e-Queo, a native mobile business communication and management platform operating in companies such as MTS, Megafon, L`Oreal, Henkel, X5 Retail Group and others;
    • Eduard Maas , Founder and CEO of ZOGRAS, the new generation of information and analytical platform. Since 2013, he headed the innovation direction in one of the world's largest news agencies, TASS;
    • Lev Paley , head of the IT information security department at SO UES, a member of the Association of Information Security Services Managers (ARSIB);
    • Andrey Razmakhnin , a psychiatrist, creator of a VR application that relieves stress;
    • Vadim Chekletsov , Ph.D., Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Executive Director of the Russian IoT Center, etc.

    Share your experience

    Speakers may include not only successful businessmen and prominent representatives of other fields of activity, but also immediate, but no less vivid and critically thinking personalities - to participate in the section, it is enough to manage to submit an application for extra-CFP before May 11.

    There are no thematic restrictions for speakers: you can share an example from any field of activity or even private life. The key condition is not just to bring your case, to talk about breaking constants and how critical thinking contributed to the emergence of a new project or new reality, but to be able to engage the audience, inspire her to break the patterns and her own accomplishments. Do not miss your chance to share your success story!

    All performances will be appreciated by the audience itself: each viewer will have the opportunity to interact interactively with speakers and independently evaluate the proposed cases, stories and hypotheses from the point of view of critical thinking and their applicability to implement their ideas.

    All participants in the Tech & Society section will be able to plunge into the world of business, creativity, intellectual development and personal goals; gain experience in the versatile perception of information beyond automatisms and deep-rooted patterns and pattern breaking skills; compare possible options for their judgments with the judgments of the speakers. Well, and of course, to communicate with people who have similar interests and ways of thinking and be inspired by their own achievements.

    We remind you that tickets to the forum are already on sale .

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