We watch “Window on the city” in high quality

    Some Moscow video cameras are periodically opened on the Moscow city website for general access, but the image in the browser is small and the quality is better, but this is fixable.
    We are opening the Easter broadcast, which will run from April 25 to May 05, 2019 (then there will be the Victory Parade and the Immortal Regiment).


    Save the page to your computer and find the video-sets-ru.js

    file. There are 15 blocks in this file, one for each available video camera.

    Each block has a code of the following form with direct links to the video stream:

                        title: 'Новые Черемушки',

    We copy the first URL from each block into the VLC media player (in my opinion, it is best suited for working with streaming video, Light Alloy in this mode hung up after 10-15 seconds) and we can absolutely legitimately enjoy high-quality pictures of the city on devices video output of any type and size.

    The screenshot shows a view of the Yelokhov Cathedral against the backdrop of a fire in Sokolniki.

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