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... it is quite possible if you use thermoplastic elastomer (TEP), aka thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). The author thus restored the operability of the tray drive in a CD-i format player, which in ~ 1992 promised a great future (but it did not come, and soon a big and terrible 3DO came). And before this, in the same way, the father-in-law CD changer returned to life.

The passik is designed in the 123D program (no longer supported) and printed on a Lulzbot Taz 4 3D printer with a standard extruder. As a slicer, a version of the Cura program is used for Lulzbot printers. The profile was chosen as if it were being printed by a PLA filament, the nozzle temperature was 230 ° C, its diameter was 0.35 mm, the table was covered with a special blue ribbon for 3D printers (it had no relation to electrical tape), and the table heating was turned off. File for 123D -here .

It does not open, even crack!

Who does not work, he does not eat. Just a few seconds on the capacitors, and you can climb inside.

The belt should be on these pulleys:

But without removing the front panel, the tray cannot be pulled out.

There is access!

Temporarily replace the strap with a thin thread:

Straighten and measure:

Since the thread was doubled during the measurement, double the result. This will be the length of the inner circle of the belt. We grab hold of 123D: We print

with the above parameters. A special blue ribbon for 3D printers is required, since thermoplastic elastomer sticks to the polyetherimide (PEI) that the table is covered with. Before printing, clean the nozzle of any remaining filament. And you can proceed:


You may have to print several passics of slightly different sizes, especially if you forget for the first time that the 123D requires a cylinder radius, not its diameter. How to translate the circumference of a circle into a radius is known. The lass is printed quite quickly, and the filament leaves a little.

The thickness of the belt is also important. Here's what happened when trying on a too thick belt:

And now the thickness is right - everything works:

And again in service a stylish vintage thing, by the way, on 68k and OS-9, and even a little lamp.

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