MODX Digest # 4 (April 8 - 22, 2019)

    MODX Digest # 4

    Fresh selection of news about MODX. In the issue: the site of the modx club was closed, progress with the conversion of processors, active work on documentation, notes and updates of additions.

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    news and events

    MODX Club everything

    “That's all, there is no more of your MODX Club,” wrote Nikolai Lanets the other day and announced the closure of the site, while old notes will still be available on Nikolai’s new project site, .

    MODX development


    Ivan Bochkarev wrote a short note about the current state of affairs with the MODX documentation - “MODX Docs. New website. A Russian translation " . And I must say, the activity with which work is ongoing on the documentation in recent weeks is simply amazing. You can see for yourself - here are the statistics for the month . 129 commits, 1501 files and 57995 lines added and 14470 lines deleted! Powerful!

    You can see how the site with the documentation looks yourself, it is regularly updated. And you can join here and here . Or ask Ivan Bochkarev, he will tell you where to start.


    Work on refactoring the MODX 3 kernel continues, but not as fast as we would like. The reason is that exactly three people participate: I (Ivan Klimchuk), Joshua Lückers and Jason Coward directly, so before you criticize, first think about how you can help.

    Since work is underway on one big pull request , the changes have to be sent to Jason's fork , because of this, basically all the activity is not visible in the repository. However, the result can be seen here - already closed (converted processors) requests .

    News from GitHub

    • # 14558 - Sergey Shlokov discovered that there is one interesting index in the MODX database schema that is essentially useless, and in some cases even harmful, and suggested deleting it. Removing something is always perceived with caution, so the discussion on the appropriateness of this action continues on github. However, the evidence is very obvious and the garbage must definitely be removed from the system.
    • # 14559 - Ilya Utkin discovered a regression of changes, which is expressed in the missing animation of the checkboxes on the resource page and corrected this misunderstanding.

    Interesting notes and articles

    • In a blog on, Mat Dave Jones wrote a good article about choosing a management system for a site (from open source solutions), which can also be used when communicating with potential customers. Translated into Russian, the name reads “Read this before choosing an open source content management system” , the note itself is in English.
    • Personal pages of MODX Revo users - Kirill Korovin wrote on his website a note on how to organize personal pages for registered users on the website. Decide what to display on these pages yourself, but the general approach to implementation is described well.
    • Several paid applications became free - Andrey Stepanenko decided to make several of his add-ons free. On the one hand, this may please someone, since you do not need to pay more money, but at the same time, these add-ons are now delivered as they are, without guaranteed technical support and probably development.
    • Under a note with the news about the closure of the MODX club, Roman Voropaev shared an interesting opinion on the current state of MODX . No less interesting answer from Sergei Shlokov in the same place. If you have anything to say on this topic, you can join the discussion. It would be interesting to see the detailed opinions of people in this regard.
    • Translitor as an alternative for transliteration of pseudonyms - Nikolay Savin proposed his improved class for more “correct” transliteration of pseudonyms, the implementation of which is spied on in a similar solution from the world of Laravel. Similar behavior can be achieved by standard means by changing the system settings, but it is possible that installing a package with one click will seem to someone an easier way.
    • Using predefined templates for TinyMCE - a note on the features of the TinyMCE editor, which is often used in MODX. Namely, how it is possible for the editor to pre-prepare blank blocks that can be selected and inserted into the document at the time of editing. Almost like ContentBlock, just simpler and free.

    New and updated add-ons

    • modRetailCRM-2.5.0 - the package for integrating MODX with RetailCRM has been updated, which now supports full-fledged work with modifications from msOptionsPrice2, and is also able to unload goods with all properties in xml-format. Nikolai Savin, the author, wrote a short note about the update .
    • AdminTools-1.15.0 - Sergey Shlokov updated his component with a set of convenient tools for the MODX admin panel, adding an indicator of unread messages there and fixing several bugs along the way.
    • Twilio-0.0.2-beta1 - a package for integration into the MODX service of Twilio for sending SMS from YJ Tso (sepiariver). The author placed the documentation on use on his site .
    • instaFilters-1.0.0-pl is a terribly simple component that adds a filter to the image specified in the parameter, as in Instagram, but in pure CSS. Free, motivation and examples of use in the author’s note .
    • mChimpX-2.1.0-pl1 - Anton Tarasov updated his component, which in itself is a hook for FormIt, which allows you to subscribe a user to the Mailchimp mailing list when the form is submitted. Basically, line feeds were updated, translations of some error messages and just bug fixes were added.
    • msTimeStamp-1.0.1-beta - Andrey Stepanenko has published his free add-on, which allows you to remove statuses of goods (new, special or popular) after some time. Works without the need to set tasks in crontab. More details in the author’s note .
    • altHelper-1.0.1-beta - Pavel, after his note on solving the problem of automatically filling alt-attributes in pictures , put his solution in a free package. Use it.
    • amoCRM-1.2.1-beta - Mikhail Voevodsky has released a large package update for integration with amoCRM. I wanted to list the innovations, but they are specific and there are really a lot of them. Moreover, all fixes are carefully listed in the changelog package.
    • msPre-2.2.20-pl - a large component update for bulk editing of resources (or even products). Of the new features - selected resources and a filter on them for faster catalog management and also quick creation of product groups through minishop links. More details in the author’s note .

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