12 English words that are often spelled and spoken incorrectly

Original author: Brett Johnson
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The English language is full of rather complicated words that are not so easy to pronounce and write correctly. I came across a post in which 12 such words are collected, in which many make mistakes, and recommendations are given on how to avoid them. I have prepared a translation of this material.

1. conscience

False: conscence

In this case, it must be understood that the word conscience means "an inner sense of right or wrong behavior." That is, the meaning is different from the word conscious, an adjective, which means that a person is conscious and able to respond to the world around him.

Life hack: to write 'conscience', include the word 'science' in it.

2. maintenance

False: maintainence

In this case, the difficulty is that the word 'maintenance' is directly related to maintaining something in working condition (the meaning of the word maintain), but there is no such part in it.

3. recommend

False: reccommend, reccomend

Words with double letters are always difficult, because it is often not clear which of the letters needs to be doubled. There may be a sense in that word, then 'c' may well be two, but this is not true.

4. deductible

False: deductable

Another difficult word, the complexity of which is based on the spellings -ible / -able. Writing words with such endings is extremely easy to confuse, so you need to be careful with them. In this particular case, the letter 'i' must be inside the word.

5. weird

False: wierd

There is a rule that sounds like 'i' before 'e' except after 'c' ('i' before 'e', ​​except when it comes before 'c'), but the word weird violates it successfully (which is rather strange and , by coincidence, this is what it means).

6. accommodate

False: acommodate, accomodate

Double letters again. And now it turns out that they can occur more than once in a word. In this case, you can remember that the word 'accommodate' (accommodate) really contains a lot of letters.

7. pronunciation

False: pronounciation

The source of errors with this word lies in the fact that its verb form sounds and is spelled as 'pronounce'. Moreover, in the noun this additional letter 'o' is not in the middle. There is nothing to be done - just remember.

8. supersede

False: supercede

The word 'supersede' has Latin roots. In addition, many words in English fell under the influence of words such as 'intercede', so it is not difficult to classify supersede as well. However, it does not apply to it, and instead of the letter 'c' in the end you need to use 's'.

9. handkerchief

False: hankerchief

To correctly spell this word, just remember that the handkerchief is held in the hand (hand) - and it has the letter 'd' at the end.

10. rhythm

False: rythm

A six-letter word with only one vowel cannot but be difficult. Here, everything is complicated by the presence of a pair of unpronounceable letters 'h' scattered across the word.

11. embarrass

False: embarass, embaress

And again the double-letter puzzle! Moreover, specifically in this word, not everything is so simple and with vowels. Therefore, you have to really memorize it.

12. liaison

False: liason

French roots are easily guessed here - thanks to an unpronounceable sequence of three vowels in a row!

And what other difficult words in writing and pronunciation do you know English words?

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