Is it so difficult to start the path of an IT recruiter?

    I welcome you, dear Khabrovites!

    Today we will talk about sore + a little clarification to this article.

    To begin with, I have been in the selection of personnel for more than 11 years. He went through all the stages of development, from an ordinary recruiter to a HR director. I saw a lot and there is something to tell.

    Recruiting, like any other activity in working with people, requires a complete understanding of this area, tools and significance for the business as a whole. Many at the start of their careers do not realize how much this is both a complex and interesting profession. Because of this, in the last 6 years, we have experienced a decline and a shortage of quality specialists. Let's be honest. Indeed, many people think that the personnel manager / recruiter is a kind of lover to take out the brain, while pouting his lips and mockingly mocking the candidates. This is a vision on the part of the applicant. Future recruiters think that the business is: to find, call, bring and voila - magic, the job is done. In practice, both are mistaken.

    The recruiting process, and in the future management, is very laborious, with a lot of pitfalls and surprises where you can not rely on stereotyping.

    Therefore, today we have angry reviews of applicants, and especially IT-employees. Due to the fact that the profession of a recruiter is 80% female, this also adds to its “charm” and adds fuel to the fire.

    With the popularization of IT in the CIS countries, panic began in recruiting. Everyone abruptly rushed into this treasured niche, like mining in due time. Naturally, I do not want to offend the female half of the Habr, but it is more difficult for girls to understand all the subtleties of the IT sphere and the selection of specialists in it. This is where it started. “How difficult it is”, “go to the webinar”, “how to enter IT” and in the same vein.
    Yes, the niche is not easy. Choosing a high-quality IT-employee is not to close the vacancy of a salesman or accountant, where everything is extremely clear. Here you need to turn on the brain to the full and not just check a piece of paper with the profile of the position, but also have at least some understanding about the field of development and programming.

    And it begins ... Knocked out "recruiting" divas, who managed to grab a thread and fill their hand, inflate their lips and turn on the mistress mode. All the rest, they beat like fish on ice, attending dozens of courses that “help a lot” in their future activities. And this is not only in IT, guys, so all around. We have an age of training, courses, lectures, webinars and more. Knowledge is not to carry, but of all the rubbish of these pseudo-teachings, only 20-30% of suitable material. It is a pity that not everyone succeeds in distinguishing this.

    So we have, a recruiter who grabbed water, understood / did not understand into battle. And it began:

    • straightforward approach (forehead);
    • a complete lack of logic in the choice of places for searching for IT-specialists;
    • dry reading of a profile of a post;
    • confusion in the intricacies and specifics of specific positions;
    • spoiled phone and arrogance when communicating due to complexes from the above factors.

    And these are just the basic things.

    The article that prompted me to write this material mentioned: Do I need recruiters / HR managers / headhunters? Like, at the time of such sites as dou and djinni, each IT-person can find what he wants. And I will answer you: of course we need, but sensible. The best of the best, and not yesterday's linemen, who today wool open spaces for the presence of middle and senior men.
    A competent specialist, even if he is an intermediary, will never be superfluous. It will save time and money for both the Customer and the applicant.

    Summarizing, I want to say: the devil is not so terrible as he is painted, but we must be aware of what you are doing. Since 2017, trends have skipped that in the future, the selection will be automated and manual recruiting will depart. Last year, I resorted to the services of one advanced (according to them) organization that tried to automatically select personnel. When the attempts to cooperate with them had to be stopped (the vacancy was simple and closed according to the classics), I realized that the era of automation of the selection processes would not come to us soon.

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