Creation of a metal truss in SPDS

    We invite you to participate in the free webinar "Creating a metal truss in SPDS Metal Structures".


    webinar will be held on April 23 at 11:00 Moscow time. The webinar program includes a demonstration of the new capabilities of the SPDS Metalware software product, designed to automate the development of design documentation for the KM and AS brands.

    The purpose of the webinar is to demonstrate to CAD users how the efficiency of design engineers is enhanced by using specialized software for SPDS Steel structures. As part of the webinar, the new functionality of the program will be demonstrated, namely, a new team for creating piles for various purposes.

    The program implements new parametric objects: reinforced concrete piles, steel pipe piles intended for the installation of supports for main oil pipelines, bridge supports, high-voltage power lines for antenna, mast structures, outdoor switchgears, machines and mechanisms with dynamic loads, communication lines and other structures, in in accordance with the design documentation in thawed, seasonal freezing and permafrost soils. The functional of the program performs automatic numbering of piles and automatically generates a specification for a pile and a group specification for a pile field.

    What tasks does SPDS Metalwork solve?

    • drawing up drawings of plans, sections, nodes of metal structures;
    • the possibility of creating various structural solutions of metal structures;
    • automatic generation of a list of elements and specifications of metal, as well as specifications of elements for the AC section;
    • drawing up drawings in accordance with GOST 21.502-2016 "Rules for the implementation of working documentation of metal structures."

    The webinar is aimed at specialists in design departments, employees of IT services, as well as all those interested in the capabilities of the SPDS Metalware program .

    Presenter - Dmitry Gostev, Leading Engineer.
    Start date and time: April 23, 2019, at 11:00 Moscow time.
    Duration: 40 minutes.
    Participation in the webinar is free, the number of seats is limited.


    Recordings of past webinars can be viewed on our YouTube channel .

    Dmitry Gostev, Leading Engineer, Magma-Computer LLC

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