We listen to music and lectures from Youtube with a locked smartphone screen and without ads using Telegram

The ability to listen to Youtube audio with a locked smartphone screen is a useful feature, for example, if you are listening to music or lectures. This is convenient, eliminates accidental screen taps, and besides, a locked, inactive smartphone screen consumes less energy.

Unfortunately, the official Youtube application (at least without a paid subscription) does not have such a function. I discovered the solution by accident and helped me with this Telegram. The idea itself is not new , but with Telegram this is the first solution. In addition, it does not display (and, accordingly, does not voice) advertising.

A video demonstration is available here . I apologize in advance for the phrase “listen to the video”, “video image”.

But can I use the same algorithm for a video about the algorithm itself or a joke about recursion.
Of course, even this video can be heard with a locked screen, but for this you need to know how, but for this you need to watch this video, which can also be ...


  • We copy the link to the Youtube video, and send it to the Telegram channel, for example, to ourselves. (UPD: even faster - you can share the link directly to Telegram from the Youtube application, without clicking on Copy / Paste)
  • We open the video from Telegram by clicking not on the link (this action will open the Youtube application or an external browser), but on the video image.
  • Once playback starts, the video will no longer include ads. Two buttons appear under the video - the right one copies the link to the video to the clipboard, the left one opens the video in a floating window. Press the left button.
  • Everything, you can lock the screen and listen to a lecture or music. No ads .


  • You cannot adjust the playback speed.
  • You cannot stop playback quickly. For example, if you listened to a lecture in the headphones, when the headphones are turned off, the lecture will continue to play (from the speaker of the smartphone) .

I hope this article will put the attention of experts in information security, Android, Telegram, Youtube API and they will help to figure out how and why it is possible.

UPD: Apparently not relevant for the iPhone, but there are other methods. In the comments you will find many more interesting ways to achieve the desired effect, but comments on the topic “How is this and why does the corporation of happiness allow it” - did not appear.

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How is this so, why does Good Corporation allow this?

  • 43.5% A common mistake. 98
  • 21.7% A deliberately left undocumented opportunity to simplify life for yourself and your colleagues in the Corporation. 49
  • 31.1% A well-known undocumented opportunity, it is not so easy to eliminate, they have been working on this for a long time. 70
  • 3.5% Other (in comments). 8

How quickly will the ability to block ads and listen to videos be eliminated without a Premium account on Youtube?

  • 20% Now they will be engaged in this (within a month)! 45
  • 24.5% Add to backlog with high priority, within half a year. 55
  • 23.2% Add to backlog with low priority, during the year. 52
  • 32.1% Never, development costs are less than potential damage. 72

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