MyDrops - low-cost TWS with good sound and reliable Bluetooth

    You know how they say: make a fool pray to God, he is glad to break his forehead. We now have a similar story with wireless headphones: we forced ourselves to look for headphones with stable synchronization and lately (if possible) we have been listening to everything that comes to hand.

    This time, MyDrops TWS headphones were in our ears.

    Probably a little more time will pass, and such a question as “synchronization on the street” will disappear, but so far this is still one of the important criteria, and not all headphones can cope with this.

    Some Chinese wireless plugs are still “pleasing” with an asynchronous disconnect in open space, as they were several years ago, when absolutely everyone sinned .

    General impressions

    But the situation is changing for the better, andMyDrops , fortunately, falls into the category of good headphones that do not have connection problems both indoors and outdoors. For the test, as usual, different pockets of trousers and jackets were used: everywhere on the street, music was stably and without breaks fed into the ears.

    This is the second headphone after the CG Pods , which pleased in a good way. Moreover, the price tag of these "ears" is more pleasant. Imports Dadget Headphones. Therefore, we believe that once again it is important to stand up for them: this is one of the good and useful products that is relatively inexpensive.

    Of course, exceptionally friendly, you can not help asking them about the instructions:

    Why, where the left one is labeled “R”, and where the right one is “L”, but by and large, this is not critical. Headphones sit well and comfortably in the ears, they are not heavy and do not strive to fall out. We did not test them in any sports scenario, but in dynamic movement along the street they sit securely (the weight of one earphone is 4-5 grams).

    Ears are an individual matter. In our case, the speakers stick out a bit, there were photos where MyDrops are deeper “drowned” and almost invisible in full view. In any case, during use, the headphones as an accessory did not manifest themselves negatively: comfortable and light.

    Sound. The

    perception of sound is subjective, of course. It can depend on many factors, codecs and other things. However, let's try to characterize MyDrops.

    Firstly, they sound good and loud out of the box. For other headphones, this was not characteristic - it was necessary to play a little with the standard equalizer of the VLC player before they would produce a pleasant sound. For example, on Iphone the same CG Pods did not immediately please. Or Xiaomi Piston comes from gags to memory , which were deaf from the box and almost inaudible.

    No additional settings are needed here: MyDrops sound pretty well for three thousand rubles, are comparable in their class, and pretty decent they pass all the available “online tests” from YouTube. Decent bass, good mid and good detail. Audiophile quality does not need to wait, but you can enjoy music on the road.

    We heard the hum “below” between 20-30 Hz without any distortion and unnecessary interference, but we stopped hearing the higher frequencies at 15,000. On different programs (and different clips), rare crackles were heard in the upper range. But still, for plugs, they cope with sound well.

    To check the positioning of sounds, we used this “room":

    In principle, they passed the test not bad, but there is one thing that will probably not allow such headphones to become headphones for gamers anyway - as in a number of other models, there is a minimal delay, and it behaves strangely.

    Say, when viewing through VLC - nothing like this is observed: the lips fall into words, in general, but with the same YouTube there is a second desync. But then again, this is not an exclusive MyDrops problem: the same thing happened with CG Pods, the same thing happens with regular wireless plugs.

    Two working models were compared: 1 (red wire) - this is a normal Chinese name from alik - there is the same problem. 2 - this is crowdfunding EOZ - there are no problems with YouTube and there are no delays. In general - once at a time.

    But, if you do not take the video, then the complex compositions sound pretty well, although without any revelations, however, for example, in Led Zeppelin it is clear who is closer, who is farther, etc. As a result, for its price - it’s quite decent sound.

    The only fragment where they didn’t really like was surprisingly: here, where the pipe enters . The sounds somehow mix, it turns out some kind of porridge, a little "saw". But to say 100% that this is a MyDrops problem is difficult: all the gags available on hand give roughly the same detail.

    Again, all this on standard settings, regular codecs in mp3 format. But, as an intermediate result, headphones as a means of transmitting sound give out pretty decent quality for their shape and price.

    Headphones like a gadget

    Here we can safely say that they are the simplest. There are no problems during use: when you turn it on for the first time, you need to hold the power buttons on both speakers a little longer to put the headphones into pairing mode - then find them in the settings and you're done. In the future, they will "cling" automatically.

    Buttons are oblong inserts on the speakers, they are also marked with letters, they also have built-in diode indicators.

    Headphones come with a charging case, which is for them and a bit of a case.

    A similar design solution was in Rowkin models, for example.


    At first glance, this does not look like a very reliable solution, but in general in your pocket it’s not in a hurry to disintegrate: a weak magnet keeps the headphones in a case not bad.

    The case is designed to recharge the headphones. The declared operating time of the speakers from a single charge is approx. 3 hours. The case should be enough for three to four cycles, that is, the total playing time is up to 12.


    MyDrops are usually completed: inside there is an instruction, a charging cable, removable silicone pads of several sizes.

    In general, we must admit that here everything is at a fairly decent level. Headphones as a gadget please with ease of connection and control. It’s enough to take a few simple action-clicks to play / pause, answer a call (there is a microphone) and that’s all.

    Technical characteristics

    Headphones as a product

    On the whole, MyDrops suggests the following conclusion - that they are, as it were, average in everything (in a good way). The usual good sound, the average characteristics of autonomy for its class, the average required equipment, the average weight in the class, the average size and so on. In this case, the middle ones are probably correctly replaced by competitive ones .

    About the price we can say about the same thing: it is average. There are headphones both cheaper and more expensive, but in this niche with these characteristics it seems profitable. Plus, before the end of the week, you can use the 10% discount coupon - MYDROPS10 if you want to buy them .

    We were glad to hear that the niche is really changing for the better: firstly, it is getting cheaper under the pressure of the closest Chinese competitors, and secondly, such headphones have ceased to sacrifice anything: here the sound is decent, and the Bluetooth was repaired. Where previously the main characteristic was “convenient”, now the competition is conducted in other parameters, and all other things being equal - MyDrops looks good.

    What we really lack in cheap TWS headphones is the “audio transparency” function, which provided no security on the street or on the road. This was the case in Bragi Dash and IconX, and, in headphones with a microphone, this does not seem very complicated, but unfortunately this does not exist in cheap headphones.

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