SEO and contextual advertising - leads for 175 thousand rubles a day in Izhevsk

    They started working with a client at the end of 2016. Initially, the promotion budget was 18,000 rubles. per month. The site at that time was just done, the optimization was at a weak level.

    The beginning or the first stage

    Conducted initial optimization. Positions a month later:


    And Google:


    It would seem that such requests as “drug treatment” and “alcohol treatment” are in the TOP 10, there should be applications, at least 1-2 per day. But they were not there. Applications were 0.

    We began to find out the reason. The traffic was, albeit very small:


    Over a month the site was visited by ~ 140 people. There were really 0 calls. All leads were on word of mouth. We started to test the main page. Tried about 50 options. Shown here are those that have been saved in the web archive.



    They also added this kind of thing:


    In the end, the site has changed decently since then, but we are getting ahead of ourselves.

    The second stage (2-3 months of work)

    In the testing process (approximately the first 20 options), the result was zero. It was decided to attract paid traffic. We needed leads.

    The first advertising budget was 4,000 rubles; it was part of the promotion budget of 18,000 rubles. The result was average (1 call in 2 days), but the advertisement paid off, since the average bill of basic services was 4,000 r. and 35,000 p. The conversion was very high, about 70%.

    In parallel, work was underway on SEO:

    1. This was expanded. core. This is how clustered semantics look like, which we are constantly updating and expanding (screen from key collector);


    2. Texts were created for semantics. Informational and commercial nature. In more detail about the features of working with copywriters and specific practical tools I showed in the case "Saving 300 000r per month on contextual advertising " ;

    3. Purchased links. Worked through For a month, 8-12, each ~ 500 r .;

    4. We tried to buy a pass-through banner on the thematic information website with traffic 10k + per article I described the pros and cons of such placement in the case “From 0 to 81% of semantics in TOP in 2 days.” In the cases with our site, the effect was almost zero.


    For a month, from the site (it was bought there link) there were only 6 transitions. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the cost, but in the region of 5,000 r.

    Stage 3

    In the fourth month of work, the results for the positions were as follows:


    Almost all the requests (which we initially discussed with the client) were displayed in the TOP. However, there were still very few applications. 3-4 calls in 2 days, with a conversion of 70%.

    It was necessary to expand. Put forward 2 hypotheses:

    1. Subdomains for nearby cities will help capture more regional traffic. There were not so many competitors, people from other cities may well come for treatment.
    2. To increase the advertising budget and expand the campaign to more requests that have accumulated over several months.

    Both hypotheses have been implemented.

    Hypothesis No. 1 - Subdomains We

    made several subdomains for the nearest cities: Glazov, Votkinsk, Tchaikovsky and Sarapul, as well as several additional subdomains from other regions (Ufa, Kazan, Kirov, etc.). In addition, each page was uniquely unique.

    So it looks for the city of Tchaikovsky:


    So for Ufa:


    We specifically inserted the most popular places on the main page to show that our representatives are in these cities. Of course, we were a little cunning, but often, people can come for treatment from any region. Isolation from the usual environment allows you to concentrate on the problem as much as possible.

    The next thing we did was bring subdomains to the TOP in the nearest regions of Udmurtia.

    Example - Glazov:


    Example - Tchaikovsky:


    Thus, we brought about 40% of the initial queries to the TOP in all the closest regions.

    Test results of the first hypothesis with subdomains >

    1. It’s very easy to get TOP in small regions. Just write the title, buy a couple of links and uniqueize the content;
    2. TOP in the 5 nearest regions does not significantly increase the amount of traffic and calls in general;
    3. In larger regions, subdomains could not be promoted. To do this, you need to spend more resources on texts, links, etc.

    Unfortunately, we have not received real returns. Calls became a little more, but often they were on the service "interruption of binge." The cost of the service is 4,000-8,000 p. It’s unprofitable to go to another city for her sake.

    Hypothesis No. 2 - Advertising

    Initially, we already had a small advertising campaign, we worked with Yandex and Google. We created it ourselves and did not receive a special “exhaust”. The goal was to renew it, improve it and launch it in a new way. Specifically:

    • larger budget;
    • greater coverage of semantics.

    As part of the hypothesis, the following has been done:

    1. We expanded the number of requests, removed unnecessary ones, in short, “combed” what was;
    2. Since the budget for the RK was allocated from the SEO budget, requests were distributed for 2 campaigns: LF, MF + HF. Each set a different budget constraint, as I recall, initially it was LF - 600 p., HF - 1 000 p. in a day;
    3. Launched YAN;
    4. Designed banners for the Yandex homepage. It is worth noting that the clicks from these banners once or twice and miscalculated. At the same time, it occupies the lion's share of issuance, affects brand recognition:


    Results of testing hypotheses with advertising. The

    number of applications has increased significantly. If earlier in 2 days there were only 2-3 applications, now we accepted 3-5 applications a day.

    Stage 4 - increase conversion

    With the flow of traffic and an increase in the number of applications, the conversion fell. Cold leads began to come. They solved the issue with the following tools:

    1. Insert end-to-end conversion blocks:


    2. We installed an online consultant ( and venyoo) and set up a chat. The visitors were automatically sent messages involving dialogue:



    If the person answered, the message went directly to the client on the phone.

    Each call through leadback was recorded and subsequently analyzed by the center staff. The third paragraph follows from this.

    3. Worked with consultants of the center (those who answer calls). We introduced the minimum communication scripts: “Hello, rehabilitation center, how can we help?”, Be polite, recommend the most suitable treatment option, try to close for a personal meeting in the center. As a result, calls have become more productive. It’s hard to say in numbers, but it raised the conversion for sure. And it cost only 30 minutes of time.

    4. We conducted a photo session of the employees and the interior of the center:


    To increase traffic even more, we decided to create a campaign for competitors (this is when a person enters the name of a competitor in Yandex and our advertisement is shown to him) and separately for the service “removing from hard drinking”.

    Be careful when working with competitors in an advertising campaign. They threatened us with court several times. Solution - just remove the requests for which there is a complaint.

    Parallel Stage 4 - SEO

    I needed traffic. After analyzing the issuance of the basic requests, some interesting patterns were revealed. In the Udmurt Republic region there were only 4 real competitors (which are located in Izhevsk). Other sites - Ufa, Moscow, Kazan, etc.

    Conclusion - you need to use the geographical advantage and try to bring your own satellite sites to the TOP (sites with a different design, on a different domain, but with identical services and contacts).

    A total of 5 such sites were created. 4 of them promoted the “Rehabilitation” service, and one of them “Interruption of the binge.” Let me remind you that the average bill is 35,000 p. for rehabilitation and 4,000 p. to interrupt binge.

    At the same time, work was underway with semantics. We squeezed the maximum on SD with the help of parsing tooltips (key collector) and the Bukvariks base. Up to 0 frequencies (this is done for ranking by long tails of queries, a topic for a separate article).

    This is what the queries on the old semantics looked like:


    A beautiful number of 71% unfortunately means little. After expanding the core, the picture is as follows:


    Already less rosy, but coverage is several times larger.

    Satellites result: only one site fired. However, this can be considered a success. Now we had 2 sites in the TOP for basic queries plus direct, banner and Yandex maps.


    Other sites go to the TOP only on MF and LF. So that they do not "hang out" just like that, we decided to use it in advertising.

    Please note, in order to advertise several sites on medical topics, you must write a letter with a seal to confirm the license.

    This is how it looks:


    Current Situation and Results

    The case displays only 30% of what we tried, the most interesting. Behind the scenes remains:

    1. Purchase of reference mass;
    2. Correction of texts (errors, nausea, uniqueness);
    3. Negotiations with other centers in order to receive local leads;
    4. Optimization and promotion of satellites;
    5. Crowd marketing, receiving free links;
    6. “Yandex sorcerers,” for example, these are:


    7. Testing the chat bot and online consultant. Color, issues, aggressiveness of pop-ups;
    8. Adjustment of advertising dripping. Remade at least 18 times;
    9. Obtaining a center license for honey. activities related to this promotion problems;
    10. Features of photo content and its subsequent placement on several sites;
    11. Video filming of real reviews, posting and optimizing them on YouTube;
    12. Details of technical optimization (SSL on subdomains, mobile version, auto-substitution of the header, etc.);
    13. Consultation with other SEO and directorate centers. We really called and talked with other specialists;
    14. Small details from which a separate article can be made.

    The situation with applications at the moment is as follows:

    The total number of applications per day is 5-7, and it happened 12-15. They come to leadback 1-3 a day, these calls can be fixed.


    Future plans

    1. Create a series of quality videos.
    2. Set up end-to-end analytics. You need to understand where the leads come from, their cost, and generally “digitize” the work on the Internet.
    3. Take 90% of customers from SD. At the moment, the market coverage is ~ 40%. Local competitors take part ~ 15%, the remaining 45% go to specialized call centers (which physically do not have a center in Izhevsk) and competitors from other regions (site networks). There is also information traffic (people who are treated themselves) and low-income people who are forced to use free services in the state. institutions. This is not our target audience; therefore, we do not take them into account.
    4. Increase conversion from 55% to 70%.

    Who read - thank you for your attention. Hope it was helpful.

    Video review on this case and my work in general

    Case author Dmitry Dyadyukov, TopTop Commercial Director

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