CJM for false positives of DrWeb antivirus

    The chapter in which Doctor Web removes the Samsung Magician service DLL, declaring it a trojan, and in order to leave a request to the technical support service, you need to not just register on the portal, but indicate the serial number. Which, of course not, because DrWeb sends the key during registration, and the serial is generated during the registration process by key - and is NOT STORED ANYWHERE. In the process, in addition to the serial, you must enter TWO self-written captcha: when logging in and when sending a request to the technical support service.

    The situation is fabulous: there is an island on the sea on the ocean, an oak tree stands on that island, a chest is buried under an oak tree, a hare in a chest, a duck in a hare, an egg in a duck, an needle in an egg, and Koshcheev’s death in an needle. I know that the opportunity to contact tech support, hidden in this way, is a trend. But not to the same extent.

    I will tell you how to fix it.

    picture to attract attention

    I am a researcher, and when solving UX tasks, I usually give users tasks to execute scripts in applications. But life is much richer and throws unexpected scenarios to the researchers themselves.

    I have been using DrWeb antivirus for quite some time, since the zero ones, and have repeatedly encountered false positives. DrWeb already deleted my FastStone image viewer, accepting batch image processing for the work of the ransomware. Earlier, DrWeb removed Steam.exe from me. In general, this has never happened, and here again.

    Antivirus asked for a reboot. Nothing foreshadowed. I rebooted and saw a message stating that DrWeb detected and deleted the following malicious objects: bcom.dll from the Samsung Magician directory in the Program Files. The reason was the threat of Trojan.MonsterInstall. 8


    What I did next is reflected on this user experience map:
    Large map

    A few screenshots for you to understand the scale of the problem:


    In order to use the “Support”, you need to know that it is carried out through the DrWEB website. I remember I had a lot of trouble finding this last time. And what should a user who does not have such an experience do?


    In fact, all these restrictions on contacting technical support are aimed at minimizing calls. See how many actions you, as a user, need to do to solve a problem?


    Cellular operators do exactly the same, entering a voice menu (IVR) when contacting support. This minimizes the load on the contact center, as many subscribers do not wait for an answer or can not cope with the voice menu, and solve their problem somehow else, for example, through the site.

    But DrWEB has the ONLY support channel. I can not solve my problem with false positives on other channels.

    What could be improved?

    Big Map

    I understand that improving the user experience when contacting tech support can be costly. But at least you can remove the captcha, automate the sending of reports and files for analysis and make seamless authorization on the portal from the application. Helping users in a difficult situation affects loyalty.

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