Top 3D Expo Themes: Build Your 3D Farm With Raise3D

    Very soon, on April 19, at the Technopolis Moscow on Volgogradsky Prospekt, the Top 3D Expo will take place - an exhibition and conference on additive technologies, robotics and digital production systems.

    We continue to acquaint you with the participants and topics of the conference. We are pleased to present: Diogo Quental, General Manager of Raise3D European Market.


    Diogo Quental

    Diogo Quental graduated in business administration from ISAG-European Business School and an MBA from INSEAD (European Institute of Business Management, France). In 2012, he joined the revolutionary 3D printing industry at that time, becoming a co-founder of BEEVERYCREATIVE, a Portuguese company that designs and manufactures 3D desktop printers.

    There he served as CEO until 2015. In 2015, he became a co-founder of GetReadyfor3D, a company that provides training and consulting in the field of 3D printing, and in 2016 he moved to Germany, where he joined the distributor of 3D equipment iGo3D as CEO, which he held until 2017.

    Since 2017, Diogo has been working at Raise3D, holds the position of general manager for the European market and coordinates the RaiseFactory project.


    The topic of the speech of Diogo Quental:
    “Flexible production. The role of desktop 3D printers »

    The presentation will present a new Raise3D concept for organizing flexible production based on 3D desktop printers - RaiseFactory. This production model was first presented to the public at the Hannover Messe international exhibition less than a month ago.

    RaiseFactory system based on 3D printers Raise3D Pro2 series and cloud print management service RaiseCloud .
    The system includes installation, training and 3 years of full service.

    Diogo Quental:

    “The main advantage of these systems is their flexibility. They are easy to set up, use and maintain and allow for parallel production using multiple materials, as well as being versatile and easily scalable. ”

    Come April 19th at the Top 3D Expo 2019 to get first-hand knowledge of the new RaiseFactory production systems.

    About company

    Raise3D is a Chinese developer and manufacturer of professional FDM 3D printers, one of the fastest growing companies in the field of 3D equipment, its offices are in California, Rotterdam and Shanghai, and a network of distributors spreads around the world.

    In 2015, the company announced on KickStarter the creation of a line of printers under its brand and quickly raised $ 445,892 from 348 customers. It was the most successful fundraising campaign for creating large-format 3D printers in the history of Kickstarter. In just 5 months, the printers were already delivered to the participants.


    Prototyping fixtures

    CENTRSVET GROUP uses the Raise3D N2 Plus to prototype its unique lighting products. We present only a few examples of samples made with its help.

    Light installation for the presentation of the Porsche 911 GTS.

    Special project - Groza chandelier commissioned by the Moscow City Museum.

    Lighting system for the World Class in Sochi.

    Exclusive lamps for the apartment of M. Vitorgan and K. Sobchak.

    Create Guard Drones

    Nightingale Security designed and created a security drone, some of the details of which are printed on Raise3D 3D printers.

    The Blackbird quadrocopter reaches a height of up to 60 meters in a matter of seconds, can automatically patrol territories using a thermal imager and video, and quickly respond to alarms and emergency situations.

    It is an intelligent, autonomous networked drone certified by the US Federal Aviation Administration for night flights, including as part of groups of several drones.

    Nightingale Security uses 3D printers to produce those parts of drones that are difficult and disadvantageous to produce in traditional ways.

    Thanks to the wide range of printing temperatures on Raise3D, up to 300 ℃, you can choose the right material for each part:

    • durable plastic for the frame and engine mount;
    • lightweight material for the camera housing;
    • flexible plastic to cushion the chassis.

    Thanks to 3D printers, Nightingale Security simplified, cheapened, and accelerated the production of parts for drones.

    Making unique parts

    Tyrconnell 3D Printing Solutions Limited uses Raise3D 3D printers to create various parts for its customers in different applications, mainly auto parts.

    “We have been working on Raise3D N2 Plus for a year now and find it an incredibly convenient, productive and advanced device that, thanks to its versatility, is ideal for our tasks. Raise3D is very easy to use and understand.

    A large construction area allows you to print the whole model, which otherwise would not be possible to print or would have to be divided into parts for printing. Raise3D - strong and reliable equipment, rigidity and a closed platform contribute to excellent printing with ABS plastic, which we use to a greater extent.

    In addition, a very important function of resuming printing (when printing is interrupted) saves when creating large objects, the production time of which takes more than 100 hours. ”

    Part for Mazda printed on Raise3D N2 Plus.

    The original part of the old Mazda (left) and printed (right).

    Postpress and support removal.

    Original part (left), printed model (center) and after post-processing (right).

    “We constantly use Raise 3D N2 Plus for printing auto parts, since the large construction area allows us to print the entire part using any materials we need.”

    By reproducing parts using 3D printing, Tyrconnell satisfies customers' needs for objects that cannot be obtained in other ways or unreasonably expensive.


    Raise3D produces two models of professional high-precision Pro2 3D-printers with 2 extruders:

    Professional Raise3D Pro2 printers are developed on the basis of previous models of the N series and differ from their predecessors in a number of design differences and improvements. Raise3D Pro 2 Plus received an 8 out of 10 rating from, the leading online 3D printing publication.

    Raise3D products have been awarded many other awards:

    • 3D Printing Industry Awards-2017
    • 3D Print Awards in the category "Rookie of the Year 2017"
    • Best 3D Printer in Make magazine's annual ranking
    • First Place in the 3D Hubs Guide in the Pro Category
    • Best widescreen 3D printer according to

    Exhibition Materials

    Video materials that will be shot at the upcoming exhibition of the Top 3D Expo 2019 conference will be available only to business and VIP ticket holders.

    Registration cost will increase on April 15, manage to purchase tickets before 23:59 on 04/14/2019

    Read about the types and prices of tickets and register on the site: register .

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