9 quotes from Habraseminar 2019 for bloggers, entrepreneurs and HR

    Under the cut: how Abdulmanov from Mosigra prepares the post, how the Whitebodies from Madrobots drown for his brands and how the non-standard presentation looks like. Plus a few figures and facts about Habr and the community.

    Last Thursday, we held our spring seminar for Habr’s partners, where we invited three entrepreneurs to share their experience: a person with top karma - Sergey Abdulmanov ( Milfgard ) from Mosigra, Nikolai Belousov ( ni404 ) from Madrobots and Dmitry Voloshin ( Dmitry21 ) from Otus. At the seminar, they revealed the secrets of content marketing. And my colleagues from the content studio Sveta Sukhareva and Ekaterina Gorelova supplemented the picture. They had in their hands various numbers from statistics and several short success stories.

    I took several quotes and slides from their stories, which seemed to me the most interesting.

    For habrovchan and bloggers

    1. How to cook a post

    This is the approach of Sergei Abdulmanov. An important point, and it is logical that the result can be not only a post on Habré, but publication in any other channel that is more suitable for content. In general, all finds useful in life are for people.

    2. Media plan

    Following the recipe - ideas for a blog media plan.

    On the right on the slide is a wonderful fresh example from the guys from Jug.ru. Happy ending epics are far better than the most intricate success stories.

    3. How to live

    This is a slide from a speech by Dmitry Voloshin. Everything is trite here, but I read it as "work, lazy ... oops." IMHO, a useful remark, so I will not stop and continue ...

    For entrepreneurs

    4. Why entrepreneur content

    Among other things, Nikolai Belousov shows that content posted on a highly cited site instantly gets into search results and takes first place there. If you add a unique brand to the scheme, then the “pot” will be cooked so that everyone will be satisfied. Here is one of his examples of monitoring the result:

    5. Custom feed

    My colleague Katya Gorelova recalls the non-standard presentation. For example, a story about a wooden designer, written in the style of a typical gadget's review, will cheer up even dull skeptics. Here is a quote: " The designer is made of birch plywood, its elements are polished, the corners are smooth, and the matte surface does not save fingerprints. Learn, Samsung! "

    6. A bit of humor in the business will not hurt

    A couple more successful hits in content marketing from Abdulmanov. Here is a reference to the first humorous example.

    And if you want to ride on serious cabbage soup, keep a link to the second post on the right on the slide.

    7. On Habré the same middle class

    Sveta Sukhareva had many numbers, and this is one of them. I personally would argue with my My Circle colleagues about these numbers and methods (they say that this appeared on the basis of an analysis of the vacancies posted), but I think everyone will agree that IT as a whole here easily competes for first place with the oil industry from Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug.

    For HR

    8. This is Habr

    When preparing the next post, you always seem to imagine who such an average haber is, what his professional experience is, and how many dogs he ate. But how true are these assumptions?

    Friends, get acquainted, this is you and me:

    In general, not the gods burn pots, but Middle. And this is good. Especially those who are afraid to start writing posts, appealing to the fact that everything here is exclusively with the 78th level of pumping. Practice shows that the greatest demand is for materials for the reader of an average level of training.

    9. There are a million of us!

    Early on Friday morning, we had a millionth Habrovsk citizen.

    And in the afternoon, the picture by type of user looked like this:


    PS presentation of Sveta Sukhareva with a bunch of other digits (it will be interesting to advertisers and HR-schiki) lies here . A video with full reports of Habraseminar can be found here (but, however, it is paid).

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