The digest of interesting materials for the mobile developer # 292 (March 25 - March 31)

    Our weekly selection includes the creation of a non-artist game, automated garbage development, video reports from conferences, development, debugging, crutches and documentation. Welcome!

    How to create a game if you’re never an artist

    There were moments in the life of every programmer when he dreamed of making an interesting game. Many programmers realize these dreams, and even successfully, but this is not about them. It's about those who like to play games, who (even without knowledge and experience) tried to create them once, being inspired by examples of lone heroes who achieved worldwide fame (and huge profits), but deep down understood that compete with the guru igrostroya he can not afford.

    How developers procedurally created a bunch of "junk" mobile games and earned 50 thousand dollars

    Two indie developers talk about how they used automation, one Google Play account and the only game template about slot machines to create and publish more than a thousand applications.

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    • (+38) Swift 5.0. What's new?
    • (+20) “Game of Thrones, move on.” What Apple showed today at its Show Time event
    • (+18) Video reports from FunTech iOS-meetup # 1
    • (+9) UICollectionView around the head: Changing views on the fly
    Apple introduces Apple Arcade service
    Creating cards like Tinder on Swift
    Built-in snapshot testing
    Modularity in the iOS application
    What we learned when switching from MVC to VIPER
    Refactoring MVC iOS applications in MVVM with RxSwift and Minutes
    It's time to abandon your network library in favor of URLSession
    Using C, C ++ and Objective- From the frameworks in the Swift application
    Science Journal: application for collecting environmental data from Google
    RoughSwift: drawing in

    Android comic style

    • (+44) Developing the application for the old PDA (Cybiko Xtreme) in 2019
    • (+14)  Experience Coroutines and Retrofit2 applications
    • (+8) Termux step by step (Part 2)
    • (+7) Create your own Android voice recorder using Kotlin
    Kotlin entered the Top 20 RedMonk programming languages
    Create real-time chat on Android with Firebase
    DayNight theme for Android application
    Kotlin functional programming basics
    Kotlin functions - alternatives to interfaces?
    How I automated the creation of files for new screens with my plug-in for Android Studio
    How the Reified Type made Kotlin much better
    How to create a many-to-many relationship with Room and Kotlin
    5 useful Android Studio features that you may not have known about
    Smooth swipe RecyclingViews
    Debugging without time logs in Android Studio
    Read these books if you want to become an Android developer
    Perfect testing: checking checks
    Movies: modularity of Android Application and Reactive Clean


    • (+33)  Raspberry Pi Zero inside the Bray display Handy Tech Active Star 40
    • (+27)  Grow big: top 10 reports of Mobius 2018 Moscow
    • (+22) 10 concepts for the designer in 2019
    • (+ 21) Android Academy in Moscow - talk about how it was and share course materials
    • (+14)  Unity Package Manager
    • (+15)  MWC: instructions for use
    • (+7)  Features of hypothesis testing for mobile applications
    AppSpector: debugging platform for iOS and Android applications
    Sauce Labs receives $ 50 million to improve testing
    Animoca Brands will make a blockchain game for Formula 1
    Flutter Dev Podcast # 2: Expload Arena
    AppsCast # 2: CarPlay - crutches and documentation
    Podlodka # 104: DevOps
    Anniversary and new version of Lottie
    Beginner's guide to developing games for Unity
    We need to talk About Firebase
    One app to rule them all - a white-label app on React Native
    A former WoW developer explains - game ideas are worthless
    5 reasons your side project will never be a product
    570 free online courses in April
    Wildpatro sports app : UX research
    We create Genji - Dash & Double Jump on Unity
    Continuous Deployment for React Native

    Analytics, marketing and monetization

    2023 mobile application market: Sensor Tower forecast
    Adobe showed an application for cars
    Grindr recognized as a threat to US national security
    Apple Search Ads earned money in 46 more countries
    MoviePass raises money for an application for free movie trips
    The most popular shopping apps 2015-2018
    Inductive CPI case Zorka.Mobi and inDriver
    Fraudsters selling banners as videos
    11 errors in the start of the game I made
    Wipe the window of your game
    Standard errors of indie game developers
    Free course on quality analytics

    AI, Devices, IoT

    • (+34)  Buy / Don’t buy: our ML pilot in Utkonos
    • (+ 20)  Deception of a neural network for beginners
    • (+14) “Smart” home in terms of vulnerability: dealing with vectors and attack mechanics
    • (+12)  10 new free courses on cognitive services and Azure
    • (+12) Automation of answers to frequently asked questions in the skill for “Alice” using the DeepPavlov library
    • (0)  5 trends of the Internet of Things that everyone should know about
    Azure opens Anomaly Detector and Custom Vision for everyone
    In New Zealand, robots will start collecting apples

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