About new ideas, narrow views and word of mouth


    Understand, student, now people need to be softer ... And look at questions more broadly.

    A long time ago (10 days), in a galaxy (Habr) far, far away ... war will not Bee ;-)

    In general, I made a publication about the system of SMS weights for the apiary, which was not so widely publicized as bicycles

    Well, okay, I didn’t begin to grieve, but I decided to start crowdfunding at the experimental apiary using the biggggidea platform .

    I wonder what happened next? I ask for a cat!

    The answer came (I translate from Ukrainian):

    From the sources you provided (Habr, the forum of beekeepers ), I don’t see any significant community support for your project, and this is a key point.
    Therefore, I doubt it and offer an alternative that can give the best result "Build your own from Oschadbank"

    That is, in essence - learn to do business and take a loan - the alternative for me is not very telling.

    And before that it was:

    It can be seen that you are counting on a narrow circle of support, which greatly complicates the task of collecting money ...

    Damn, I'm not asking three million to research the appearance of UFOs in 1957!

    So, there is such a fact, beekeeping is one of the most conservative industries.

    Do you know what has changed over 300 years since Prokopovich invented the hive?

    Yes, almost nothing! The electric motor was attached to the honey extractor, and a heating heater was built into the beekeeper’s knife - the most significant milestones!

    I mean, in Ukraine (and not only) beekeepers are respectable people who do not use the Internet and smartphones too much.

    The bottom line is that now I am preparing an improved version of the scales for testing to one beekeeper (respect to him and respect for the criticism and suggestions made)

    So he among the colleagues mentioned for this case, and make sure ... THIS IS ABOUT THE POWER OF SARAHFAN RADIO.

    I did not expect that beekeepers this topic is such an urgent problem !!!

    And three months of developing an idea on the Internet is nothing against three days and personal contacts!

    Additionally, there was a proposal to make scales per ton, and you know what I answered?

    GIVE ME A POINT OF SUPPORT, and with a 50-pound strain gauge, I WILL WEIGH THE LOCOMOTION !!!

    In fact, you can disassemble household electronic scales up to 120-150kg, make a new platform that affects the sensors through the levers 1:10 - and EVERYTHING.

    In general, I don’t want to invent this bike, I'm interested in monitoring bees.

    Already figured out how to track the weight of the swarm's departure by weight and make an alarm from thieves.

    And as for the guys from BiggggIdea, the title quote is dedicated to them!

    With bees, they will help me without them!

    Do not minus strictly, for Friday ;-)

    See you on the pages of Habr!
    Electric beekeeper Andrey

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