QA-mitap April 12th at Redmadrobot

    Testers, this is for you. April 12 at 19:00 we are going to the office of robots - we will talk about automation, the dependency matrix, end-to-end tests and, let's not be afraid of this word, agile. There will be useful networking with your friends, good reports, goodies and an atmosphere of QA-understanding. Everything as we love.

    Registration - here , details - under the cut.


    "End-to-end testing in projects"

    Let’s talk about why end-to-end tests are needed, why we should not think about individual components, but about the project as a whole, and why the working component of the system is not the same as the working service.

    Who tells: Alex Lukyanov, test lead of Redmadrobot. He tested mobile applications for most of his career, and now devotes more time to testing the backend and launching a working service.

    "How Testers Survive Agile"

    - Evil Agile: how to survive in an ever-changing environment
    - The mindset of the tester
    - How QA can influence the process

    Who says: Anna Kondratyuk, QA at EVBox (Software Engineer, Quality Assurance and Automation). He has over 8 years of experience testing a wide variety of software: electronic payments, charging electric cars, investment and marketing banking, and much more. He knows everything about the life cycle of system development and how to build the software testing process.

    Automation with Appium and Python

    Everyone always wants automation - it allows you to get rid of part of the routine work and reduce the time for testing. However, ways to turn automation into the life of the testing department are not so simple: you can get lost in a variety of frameworks, tools, and programming languages. In the report, we will discuss the possibilities of testing automation using Appium and Python, consider three ways of organizing tests and discuss what to choose.

    Who says: Julia Nosakova, Head of Testing at KODE. She was engaged in functional testing (web, desktop, mobile) and test automation (mobile, Python stack, Appium).

    “The dependency matrix as a tester tool”

    Let's discuss the standard case: a new release, a sea of ​​implemented functionality and a minimum of time to regress. Let's see how the use of a matrix for tracking requirements allows you to save recourse time and keep the bar of product quality high.

    Who Says: Gleb Sarkisov, QA at Redmadrobot. Since 2015, he has been testing web and mobile applications. Student of the Faculty of Business Informatics at HSE.

    Once again, when and where?

    April 12, 19:00 , office of robots. Address: Moscow, st. Presnensky Val, 27s9, metro Belorusskaya. More detailed directions here.

    Participation in the meeting is free, just be sure to register . We can’t promise that we’ll call everyone at all, otherwise we just won’t fit in the office. But for those who register and do not fit, we will organize the broadcast.

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