SlowPochta - messenger of unwarranted delivery of messages with indefinite forwarding time

    The problem of excessive speed

    Despite the articles that everything is bad and not optimized, you might have noticed that everything around was somehow fast, even too much. Where did those emotional days go when we could afford to brew a cup of tea between page loads? Soon, during the next attack of procrastination, it will not turn out to be justified by the fact that something is compiling or rendering! Everything will become very fast.

    The issue of excessive speed of applications, and specifically messengers, will be discussed in the current article.

    First attempts to limit excess speed

    The pioneer in reducing excess speed was, who would have thought, Roskomnadzor. Last summer, we observed how limiting excess speed in Telegram radically improves the quality of our lives. There was an element of gamification, now instead of boring sending and receiving, we could: not receive a message, receive with a delay, search for a proxy, try to connect later and generally make many more interesting and fascinating actions. Missed an unscheduled rally? You simply could say: “Yes, it’s Roskomnadzor blocking the cart, so I haven’t received a message.” Feel? Soulness! Elements of the game!


    Looking at the successful experience of introducing excessive speed limits, it became clear that the world needed another messenger in which the claimed limit would be a feature, and not as it is usually considered a bug.

    The result of the development was the SlowPochta messenger. With it with pleasant thrift everything that we liked in these letters was saved. The packet of bytes that you forward spits sparingly into world space and begins to travel on it. You can track what is happening to him and it brightens up the expectation perfectly. Until now, only one service has provided such a level of interest, and for its work it was necessary to order something from China. Now you can have fun without paying a dime.

    Here you will also find many pleasant references to the post offices we beloved with their warm tube light and cozy atmosphere of goodness. In SlowPochta, your letter can be lovingly returned, sorted, sent using drones, or simply and simply lost.

    For acquaintance you can follow the link:

    Open source

    Of course we are for openness, so the whole source code of the project is available here:

    Long live the forced limitation of excessive speed!

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