[Poll and evil] Hostings, be they wrong

Hello, Habr! I am a system administrator on call, or rather, an outsourcer who advises and serves both individuals and organizations of various profiles in terms of IT infrastructure. This is a hard, nervous, almost frantic job, inside of which I saw everything: from vodka spilled onto a laptop to the fall of serious servers in companies that had enough money for a server, but for the brains that could serve it, for some reason. I think, on Habré it is not necessary to explain for a long time what my work consists of: once I left the position of the senior system administrator so as not to look very much into the hands of the employer. So I’m quite an experienced gloomy admin. Almost like in memes.

I give a tooth, some hosting providers look like this at best. In the best!

I have funny and sad stories, funny cases and even tales in stock, but today I want to start with a very sore topic - from hosting! With, mother of their foot, hosting! I admit honestly, I think I'm not myself, and my criteria for choosing a service provider were grown in a scientific laboratory, sterilized and preserved in my brain. And everyone else chooses correctly: anyhow cheaper, anyhow larger, anyhow on Windows, anyhow ... I’ll tell you what led me to the point that I decided to do a survey to understand what I was right and what was wrong. Well, agree where to discuss it, if not on Habré.

So, if you see this text, it means they gave me an invite :) And I, with your permission, will immediately begin to curse.

What are the problems?

Nobody cares about speed

Everyone, from the blogger and the dog breeder with the site to the development company, does not care about the speed of loading the site. There were dozens of calls with the words " Yes, it’s my Internet is slow, so it loads like that, it's okay, the rest is fine, probably ." And the reason is that this hosting provides such speed. In the meantime, loading the site and navigating through it evokes a memory of the sounds of the Dial-up modem in the ears, the rating of such a site in the search will certainly go down, the failures will increase, and all these respected freelancers, IPs and LLCs will lose a significant number of visitors who can access their site. I am generally silent about CDN - none of mine have heard of him.

Lovers of freebies and those who throw money

Next come the lovers of two extremes: “ I have free hosting, I outwitted everyone ” and “ I have the most expensive hosting, I'm cool". Both categories are wrong with the difference that the latter at least receive normal services. Free hosting is the worst evil, because they will certainly make money on you: place ads on your resource, sell additional products, and the worst resource with a lot of restrictions will be allocated to this. Overpay, however, is also not necessary - why do you need VDS for a small blog about grooming or a one-page website? Or why does the company need a lot of disk space when the virtual server will be used for a single service with a small load and with a small amount of data? I think that it’s best to pay exactly what you want to receive. Well, I repeat once again: free hosting cannot be good. Dissuade me.

TP - decrypts as you want

Hosting technical support ... it's me. Yes, yes, for more or less small providers, the availability and professionalism of support leaves much to be desired: they respond for a long time, often do not understand what they want from them - and this despite the fact that they are not called a fairy with a confused explanation, but I, who formulates questions and describes the problems with professional language and technical details.

I like providers with round-the-clock telephone support, but if the site has a form for sending questions, then write-and-miss. True, in both cases there are exceptions. But in general - a bunch of students.

No one reads about the details.

Now I could blame the hosting providers, but I blame my clients - adult gentlemen who have their own business, but they do not read the terms of the agreements and the rules for the provision of services. And all the hosting restrictions for them are surprise after surprise, including SLA. By the way, none of my corporate clients could say without a hint what type of server is rented - hosting and hosting. I told them: “ And what if your beautiful product, which you deliver to customers according to the SaaS model, is adjacent to some Azino-from-Fryazino and it will be blocked together with you? Or will there be an attack on him from a sluggish gambling young hacker? "(Not, well, of course, I’m speaking rudely). And they round their eyes: “ But what happens? Here is bl."Well, that is, these people are raw in Auchan for the expiration date and the composition will be checked three times, but the type of hosting is not a lordly thing.

Unsafe security

Safety is ours never. I look at my clients, and I wonder how soon they have not seven children, but 0-1-2 each? After all, they absolutely do not know anything about security and the means to achieve it. Or again the same way: fasten the belt, buy insurance, run to the pharmacy, and spit on the business, tea, will not get pregnant. Well, I don’t know, you can definitely fly in - for big problems and money. The fact is that not every hosting company provides worthy opportunities in terms of security, and sometimes it can be honestly learned from the user agreement. And this is not counting those who promise a lot, but do nothing and let the client down. In general, it is strictly necessary to find out about the frequency and rules of backups, about uptime, about antiviruses, about the structure of the server, even if you are planning to host your DIY site.

Not for growth

Another problem - there is no scalability and the necessary functions. I don’t know what my clients think about when starting a blog, website or online store. Judging by indistinct requests to “help move”, they initially hoped for a quick bankruptcy, but the project failed and began to develop. Because many of them chose hosting without the necessary functions, the possibility of expansion and increase in speed, etc.

Well, like a cherry on the cake, constantly lost passwords and accesses, the lack of responsible companies and complete carelessness among private owners, the reluctance to at least learn something, punch, check, read reviews. And who should I blame after that, hosting providers? Data Centers? No, I will insist that it is the user who is to blame (of course, if there are no cases of fraud and frank fraud from the hosters - but they are!).

Good guys

Since such a booze has gone, I won’t give up bad hosts - I think they will tell you everything according to reviews, google it please. But for those who barely ruffled my nerves, I say this Infobox (blog was Habré), Vscale (blog Selektel there Habré), RUVDS (they also have Habré), oddly enough, REG.RU (solid four), well, my imported favorite, which is not suitable for everyone - DigitalOcean .


Thinking about hosting, I came up with an insidious idea that could potentially make life easier for both hosting and their users. But for its implementation, I really need statistics, and it is from a technically savvy collective mind.

Therefore, please help me and tell you how you and your clients / bosses choose hosting. I did a separate survey for individuals purchasing hosting, and a separate one for companies and their representatives. The questions in general are the same, but the form is bigger for companies. If you fall into both cases, I will be grateful if you pass both.

Survey for users
Survey for companies

In short, I exhale, thank you in advance for the survey, and most importantly - tell me, stupid, in the comments, how are you doing with hosting, what do you follow when choosing and what kind of hosting is your dream?

Peace for everyone!

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