Vivaldi 2.4 - Move the buttons with two hands


    If you ask about what is the main thing for the browser, many will say that this is the speed of work, the size of the window for viewing pages, the security of user data and much more. Yes, all this is true, but in fact, the main thing that makes the browser truly popular is the ability to customize this powerful tool so that it is fun to work with it. That is why in each new version of Vivaldi we are trying to add even more options for setting up the browser, both in terms of interface and in terms of functionality. The release of Vivaldi 2.4 is no exception.

    In this version of Vivaldi, many will find long-requested popular features, as well as get acquainted with the implementation of the ideas of the developers themselves. In short, the list of innovations looks like this:

    • Move buttons between browser panels
    • Context menu of items in the bookmark bar
    • Bookmark selected tabs
    • Work with different user profiles
    • Built-in calculator

    In general, in text form it does not look very clear, so get ready for the many pictures below. Well, and we will start from the beginning:

    Move buttons between browser panels

    This feature is another step on the long road to a fully customizable browser interface. A little earlier, we added the ability to remove buttons from toolbars, now it has become possible to drag and drop from one panel to another. Try it, it's easy. How does this “fail”? That's right - to drag the buttons you need to hold down the Shift key. In order to avoid accidents.

    Thus, for example, you can transfer all the important buttons to one panel and turn off the second one altogether:

    Naturally, if we added the ability to break, then we thought about how to fix it. To do this, the corresponding item appeared in the panel context menu:

    You can also restore the original appearance of the panels in the browser settings - the corresponding buttons are in the Appearance section.

    In the future, we will continue to develop opportunities for customizing the browser interface, so do not hesitate to send us your suggestions through the appropriate forum thread .

    Context menu of items in the bookmark bar

    From the very first day of the appearance of the bookmarks bar in Vivaldi, there were constantly requests to expand its functionality. And in the new version of Vivaldi, it did happen - we added all the elements of the panel, including the contents of folders, a context menu with which it became possible to perform various actions with these elements.

    Bookmark selected tabs

    This feature also became a natural continuation of our work on expanding the functionality of existing browser components. If it is possible to create a bookmark, and it is possible to select several tabs, it is logical to assume that these two functions can be combined. And now this can really be done by selecting several tabs and saving them all at once with one command:

    As a result, a separate folder containing the selected tabs will be automatically created. The default folder header contains the creation date, but you can, of course, rename it:

    Work with different user profiles

    This feature will be useful to those who prefer to delimit their areas of work on the network. For example, for work, they need their own interface, functionality and a set of bookmarks, and for relaxation they need a completely different one. Now you don’t need to create two copies of the browser - just use the user profiles hiding behind the inconspicuous button in the address bar:

    From this menu you can go to the guest window and work with various websites and services without interfering with the main profile. After closing the guest window, all data on the work in it will be deleted (including entered passwords, received cookies, history, etc.). And if necessary, you can proceed to managing profiles:

    In this dialog there is also a button for switching to guest mode, but there is also the opportunity to create a permanent new profile:

    Now you can switch to a new profile at any time and work in it in the same way as in the main profile, with all functions and saved data:

    If the profile is no longer needed, you can easily delete it through the same profile manager. In this case, all data stored in the profile will be deleted:

    Also, anticipating the relevant questions in advance, I can say: yes, the profiles button is disabled in the settings if it is not needed:

    Built-in calculator

    And this is the work of our some developers. As it usually happens - you had to calculate something, you had to run the calculator, spend a few precious seconds and a few megabytes of memory, while tearing yourself away from your favorite browser ... A lot of inconvenience. And let's embed the calculator in the browser? After all, any program is still a set of calculations. Just use some of them. It turned out such a virtual calculator, which is not visible, but it is. You can use it through the quick command function (F2 / ⌘E). Enter the desired sequence of calculations in the field and instantly get the result:

    Yes, but if you press Enter after receiving the result, the result will be copied to the clipboard. Simple and convenient.

    Various useful little things

    In addition to the noticeable changes, we also made a lot of small, but useful improvements. For example, now you can adjust the delay time when grouping tabs by drag and drop. Sometimes you just want to move a tab, but, pausing over another, it immediately merges with it into a group. Just increase the delay in the settings so that this does not happen anymore without your desire:

    Also, as you can see in the picture, you can even disable tab grouping by dragging and dropping. Can the user have such a desire?

    Another minor improvement - double-clicking on a group of tabs can open the dialog for renaming the group. And from the area of ​​usability: when searching using the “Search with” context menu, the results will open in the background tab.

    This can be done. In addition to new and improved features, we, of course, worked on corrections. You can find the full list of changes here .

    And that’s all, you can download the new version from the official website of the Vivaldi browser.

    We are waiting for new wishes and suggestions from you, and also do not forget to inform us of all errors and shortcomings at the previous address .

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