Global Game Jam 2019 (announcement)

    Every year, on the last weekend of January, the annual Global Game Jam takes place.
    This year the event will be held on January 26 and 27 and it will be the hottest days of the month!
    Global Game Jam is an event dedicated to the creation of games (in case, if suddenly someone does not know what a game jam is). This event is offline.

    A full list of sites can be found here.

    In Russia there are sites in the following cities:

    • Moscow, IT Hub College
    • St. Petersburg, Dial in the House of Culture
    • Krasnodar, CO-Place coworking
    • Innopolis University Innopolis
    • Chelyabinsk, SUSU
    • Yakutsk, IT Park Yakutsk
    • Chita, Boiling Point

    The event will begin in each of them on the 25th at 5 pm local time. All projects are sent with the license CC-NC-SA (Creative Common NonCommercial ShareAlike). They should include: executable files, source code and resources, as well as all the necessary files to compile. The event does not limit you, you can use any engines. Pre-prepared resources are allowed. Games can get bonus points for using diversifiers, a full list with a description here , which are divided into categories:

    • From sponsors: Community Strength, Forgive and Ukrepis, There is always room for one, Use the source, Luke, Party Creator, Puzzles Design Test, Language Independence
    • Accessibility: Let me show you how to do it !, Divine, Keep it simple, Go alone is dangerous, take it!
    • Art: Thomas was not alone, In the ink, Art of sharing
    • Audio: Mind over Matter, 4'33 '', Increase with a song
    • Code: No Assets, Mixed Media, Under the Hood
    • Design: Super Secret Cache, This is the place where we came from, right ?, Bolter jammed !, Sticky finger, On the web page, Guide that I was looking for, Ephemeral
    • Narration: Meanwhile, Passion for Travel, Russell's Teapot, 20-XIX, Ancient People
    • Meta: Universal commons, Recycle !, Happy Anniversary, ADL Identity Framework, Protect the Oceans

    When sending a game, you can specify up to 4 diversifiers. Good luck to all!

    PS: to my great regret, I skipped the registration, empty seats in the Chelyabinsk (SUSU) site ended, so I will not get to this event = (

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    Do gamejams like this need to be announced?

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