Kohl, piss off ... Coax

    - Kolya, back off ...

    Oleg, hanging from the window of the fifth floor of the dormitory, without looking, kicked his foot and hit Kolya in the stomach. Not to say that it was very painful, but Kolya groaned and twisted.

    - Well, Oleg, let me hold the cable. - Kohl did not let up.

    - Fuck off, I said! - came from behind the window. - What are you, moron, do not see what's stopping you?

    - Well, what am I bothering there, oh, Oleg? Let's even hold you by the legs ...

    After saying these words, Kolya stepped up to the window sill and grabbed Oleg's legs. It turned out awkwardly - Kolya always turned out awkwardly - and it seemed to Oleg that they were trying to push him out of the window. The disgusting feeling of weightlessness arose so abruptly and strongly that Oleg, without hesitation, threw the cable and grabbed the window frame.

    - Well, hold on, brute ... - Oleg has already climbed into the room, casting angry glances at Kohl. - What are you doing, scum? From the light, I wanted to live?

    - Damn, Oleg, I'm sorry ... - Kolya backed out to the door. - I just wanted to help ...

    - Fuck off, Kohl! - Oleg shouted. - Fuck the fuck out of the room, got already, stump blunt!

    Kohl was not going to argue. At such times, the best solution, really - to retire. Kohl learned this long ago.

    He jumped into the corridor, went to the smoking room. On the way, I realized that during a hasty retreat I forgot cigarettes in the room. Not their own, but Oleg's, their own long over, and there was no money for new ones. And why, if there is a friend?

    There was nobody in the smoking room. In general, the smoking rooms were simply called both ends of the long corridor of the hostel, and their only real signs were spattered urns and crowds of students-smokers. Kohl had noticed long ago that they were somehow rolling in waves — either anyone, or the smoke of a rocker.

    It was scary to return to the room for cigarettes, and Kolya, just in case, looked into the toilet located right there. Fortunately, the commandant of the hostel did not bother much with the amenities for the male part of the population - out of five booths, only one possessed such wealth as the door. In this booth went aesthetes, intellectuals and freshmen. The rest have long been accustomed to doing their business in front of other visitors.

    Not at all embarrassed, Kolya looked into all the cabins, not excluding the closed door, but found no one. Yes, and the smell of smoke in the toilet was not - a sure sign that no one is seated on a throne.

    Kohl returned to the smoking room, sat down on a low, almost near the floor, concrete window sill and began to wait. A couple of minutes later the first visitor appeared, but Kolya knew for sure that this one did not smoke. In general, when you live in a hostel and step on a tobacco bar, you know all the smokers in person, and from several floors. What is the name - for the life of me ... I don’t know from which room in the shower ... But he smokes or not - always please, you can guess from the silhouette.

    Suddenly a familiar figure rose to the fifth floor — Seryoga from the fourth, and headed straight for Kolya. Feelings were contradictory. On the one hand, Seryoga smokes. On the other hand, it was he who threw the same coaxial cable, which Oleg dropped due to Kolya’s efforts.

    - Well, what, deer Hamburg. - Serega somehow ominously smiled. - What will we do now?

    “Well, let me help ...” said Nick confusedly. - It seems easy there ...

    - Easy? - Seryoga raised his eyebrows in surprise. - Do not you ohrenel, Kohl? From the fourth floor to the fifth, through the window, about twenty-thirty meters, to throw a cable without any tools - is it easy?

    “Well ...” Kolya hesitated. - Why not pass through the corridor?

    - Oh, damn it. - stretched Serega. - Kolyana did not ask. Come on, tell me how to stretch the cable through the corridor? BUT? Hole in the ceiling, maybe? What, do not tell me? Finger, or what? Or throw on the stairs? How do you see the command? Or maybe you sponsor us - we even buy nails to nail the cable to the wall? Cigarette need go?

    Kohl silently nodded. Seryoga grinned, took a pack from his pocket and treated the unfortunate. Kohl took a cigarette, put it in his mouth and continued to sit silently.

    - No shit, no spoons? - Seryoga laughed and struck a lighter.

    Oleg came out of the room and quickly approached the smoking room. Kohl moved to the edge of the window sill, slightly stooped, slightly turned away from the wall - in general, he tried to occupy as little space as possible. But Oleg just stood next to Serega.

    “Eh, Kolya, Kolya ...” Oleg sighed heavily. - It is necessary, damn it, it was to drive you out of the room while we were pulling the net. He knew that you would spoil something with your Kosoruks. What kind of man are you, huh?

    Kohl shrugged with the most innocent expression on his face. He really did not know what was wrong with him. Relatives said that he was so from childhood - downtrodden, awkward and terribly unlucky. However, oddly enough, not discouraged.

    - Oleg, what is the second attempt? - asked Serega, having finished smoking and putting out the bull in the urn.

    - Yes, right now, I will come. Look out of the window. Kolyana would have been able to get rid of ...

    - Maybe for a beer?

    - Kolya, go for a beer?

    - If you give money, I'll go. - shrug Kolya. - I don't have it easy.

    - We will, we will. - Seryoga shook his head. - Let's go to my place.

    - Hey, Kohl! - shouted after Oleg. - Take the banks, and then you will smash along the road. Onion grief ...
    When he reached his room, Serega rummaged around in the nightstand and took out a hundred rubles.

    - On, and do not forget the change. - He sternly shook his finger.

    - How much to take?

    - So ... - Seryoga began to mentally count. - Well, let's four. Two to me, two to Oleg.

    - And me?

    - What do you want?

    “I would not refuse beer either ...” Kohl mumbled.

    - Kolya, back off ...

    PS This is a pilot. I want to write a series. Then you decide. The series will be called "Kolya, back off ..."

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