Is SQL profiler dangerous?

    Recently I found out with some surprise that in one of the departments of the huge company where I work, it is forbidden to start SQL profiler in business hours.

    I do not know how they get out to analyze performance problems that occur just in the business hours. After all, performance views often do not give an accurate picture, especially if one / two procedures / sessions slow down, especially without loading the server itself. A tiny animal running several times per hour and working for 10 seconds instead of one (but making a very important client very nervous ) will definitely not get into DMV views. And select with CROSS APPLY according to the texts of the quotes itself loads the server very well.

    However, I am interested to understand where this fear comes from. In some firms, the SQL profiler is a working tool, in some they were afraid of it like fire (for some time I was engaged in consulting and could compare). I'm pretty sure it was like this:

    Houston, we have a problem. The base slows down. Understand

    There are so many ticks ... What do I need?

    Okay, I'll check all the boxes and then decide.

    What remains in the head of high authorities? Someone started SQL profiler and everything fell in stake. And then they tell it to each other over a game of golf.

    By the way, an attempt to write such ' write all ' traces not to a file, but to a database on the same servergives a special piquancy- once I witnessed such a case.

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