- Sergeant McCormick, come to me immediately!
    - What about? Captain, our ship in outer space, where does gravity come from?
    - Do not fool my head, alive to me!

    Brian McCormick entered the captain's cabin.
    - We have on video linking Senator Dorigan with an important message.
    “But before the planet, where the senator is, is more than 400 light-years, how does the signal come without delay?”

    Suddenly there were explosions behind the casing. Brian, who was closest to the portholes, saw one of the ships accompanying them turn into a fireball. "Since when did sounds begin to spread in a vacuum?" - the pilot thought wonderingly.

    The siren screamed with the alarm alert. Brian himself did not remember how he reached his fighter and climbed into the cockpit. After a couple of moments, he had already left the flagship.

    A group of targets appeared on the radar in the third octant. Brian tilted the joystick, and only then it dawned on him that at a speed of 3 km / s he had to be flattened into a cake with an overload. However, this did not happen. Moreover, he did not remember that there were any turning engines in the design of the ship - only behind the ship were built-in ion accelerators with a constant vector thrust.

    "Why are the engines running at full power, and I don't even feel the acceleration?" To check what happened to the engines, he reduced the thrust a little. The ship slowed down smoothly. "What the hell ?! Nothing can interfere with my movement here!"

    In the meantime, his slowed down fighter caught the attention of the enemy interceptors. They began to shower him with a hail of laser volleys. "What are they shooting at me with? Lasers? No, no, no, it can't be them - shots fly too slow to be light beams!"

    The radio came to life in the voice of the commander: "Attention to all ships! Neutron emission was recorded at the enemy tracking station! Everyone should leave the affected area immediately!" Brian immediately laid a steep turn, despite the enemy fire. After a few seconds, the station in the rearview monitor exploded spectacularly. Brian could not believe his eyes and gazed at the screen. The explosion was in the form of a flat ring. "It can not be ... He should be ... in the form of a ball ..." - the pilot said, not quite sure in his words.

    - Well, how do you like our simulator? Feel like a hero? The doctor asked, disconnecting the electrodes from Brian's body. - This is our latest development, giving a complete immersion.

    Brian sighed heavily and asked:
    - Tell me, who programmed this simulator?
    “Nuu ...” the doctor hesitated, “since we were severely cut by the budget, we could not hire qualified programmers. Therefore, hired mainly Hindus and Chinese. And since there are no translators either, we just showed them an example of what we want to receive.
    - What did you show them? - sensing evil, asked the sergeant.
    - The movie "Star Wars".

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