MOSDROID # 16 Sulfur at Redmadrobot

    This time MOSDROID was called by a team of passionate red machines. Mitap will be held March 30 at the office of Redmadrobot. There will be three reports (including from Payments GDE!), A cozy iron atmosphere and an after party in an Irish bar. Registration here, details - under the cut.


    15:30 - 16:00 - Registration
    16:10 - 16:55 - “Problems with the management of State in the UI? Then we will come to you! ”, Dmitry Berdnikov, Redmadrobot
    17:05 - 17:35 -“ Resuscitation of the application ”, Nikita Kleshchin, Delivery Club
    17:35 - 18:05 - Lunch / networking / excursion
    18:05 - 19:00 - “Better call Google Pay”, Alexander Smirnov, PapaJobs
    C 19:00 - after parties at Paddys


    “Problems managing State in the UI?” Then we go to you!" Dmitry Berdnikov, Redmadrobot

    The story is about how a regular MVP / MVVM put sticks in wheels in a fast-growing application, what problems arose with displaying the final UI and how we solved them by watching a video from Jake Wharton (suddenly) and a pinch of MVI. No advertising - just a hands-on experience.

    “Reanimation of the application” Nikita Kleshchin, Delivery Club

    The experience of fixing, featured, refactoring, updating applications with a long history in the conditions of modern business and limited resources.
    In simple words - we want to share those things that help us not to lose our minds, make a product and introduce features like Slices and In-App Update.

    “Better call Google Pay” Alexander Smirnov, PapaJobs

    We’ll dive into the details of how Google Pay works under the hood. We’ll find out how easy it is to integrate the payment option into your application and when you can, and most importantly, you need to use it.

    How to find us

    Office address of robots: Moscow, st. Presnensky Val, 27s9, metro Belorusskaya. More detailed directions here.
    Participation in the event is free, registration is required.
    For those who could not get in, a broadcast will be organized.

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    See you!

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