Live Stream and Conference Schedule for SmartMail Conf: Machine Learning

    Friends, just three days left before SmartMail Conf - our first machine learning conference. The program of the speech is more than completely composed of the reports of our colleagues from They will tell a lot of interesting things about processing natural languages, about computer vision and teaching models to combat spam. And they will tell you not in isolation from reality, but on practical examples of use in our own projects and technologies.

    UPD. Timings:

    8:50 Opening remarks by Eduard Tyantov
    16:10 Smart Reply
    1:12:33 Pedestrian Detection
    3:15:37 Antispam: Continuing education of spam recognition models on an ongoing basis
    4:14:45 High Load Service
    5:44:07 DIY: Devices , cameras, face recognition racks
    6:36:16 Vision: Recognition of sights on images

    11:00 - Opening remarks by Eduard Tyantov, Head of Machine Learning at

    11:30 - “Smart Reply” . Dmitry Parpulov, programmer, machine learning team, Mail.

    12:30 - "Pedestrian Detection" . Boris Lestsov, programmer-researcher, computer vision team, Group.

    13:30 - Lunch

    14:30 - “Antispam: Continuing education of spam recognition models on an ongoing basis .
    Dmitry Merkushov, programmer of the Mail Anti-Spam group.

    15:30 - "High Load Service" . Victor Mogilin, head of the C / C ++ development team

    16:30 - coffee break

    17:00 - "Vision: Recognition of attractions in the images . " Andrei Boyarov, Leading Programmer-Researcher, Computer Vision Team, Group.

    18:00 - "DIY: Devices, cameras, face recognition racks . " Sofya Kiseleva, programmer of the C / C ++ group, developed by

    19:00 - ML AfterParty

    Date and time: March 23, 11:00
    Address: Moscow, Leningradsky Prospekt, 39, p. 79

    Participation in the conference is free, prior registration is required . Do not forget to take your passport or driver’s license!

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