Matrix Powerwatch inside and out: what's new?

    Matrix Powerwatch is a watch that has become famous as the first in the world that never requires charging. The watch is based on a scientific discovery with a two-century history, the Seebeck effect. Two years ago, it became something like a small revolution, because it solved one important problem - the autonomy of wearable gadgets.

    Today - the second version with much more advanced features is already on its way: pulse, GPS and all that.

    In fact, the revolution, for which the Matrix is ​​praised, happened a long time ago, and it's not about 2003 and the Wachowski film (at that time the brothers). Even before 2017, several brands made attempts to bring similar watches to the market. So it’s more correct to say that Powerwatch was the first to come out in such a large circulation.

    The company introduced three models at once, but in the future, for some reason, almost all the attention was paid only to the top version of X - full-fledged smart watches with notifications. To date, this watch has been translated into Russian, and a few simple dials have been added to the menu. In fact, a watch fully meets the query “smart watch” in the classical sense: steps, calories, distance, notifications.

    Watch faces

    However, 2019 requires much more advanced solutions: the user needs additional built-in sensors, even if he does not plan to use them.

    Notifications and localization

    At the time of writing the first review, the Matrix X display “spoke” to the user in English, which was quickly fixed. Now managing the model is not difficult.

    Localization example

    However, we must admit that the notifications themselves still come in the form of characters unknown to linguistics. And here, as they say, both laughter and sin. At one time, we logically believed that the Russian language was not full until the end, and therefore such a difficulty arises: in any case, this was previously explained precisely in this way.

    However (this does not justify anyone, of course), but guys in all versions of the firmware profiled:

    Notification Translation

    Nevertheless, at the idea level, we still love Matrix very much, but by now it has become obvious that one idea is selling poorly, and the company went on a second run, showing on Indiegogo the second version of the watch that does not need to be charged.

    The main differences

    • Color display
    • Heart rate monitor
    • GPS

    By and large, now it will be not just unique smart watches with unusual technology of charging from body heat, but real competition for popular brands: having absorbed the basic desired functions, Matrix will retain the advantage - they still will not need to be charged.

    How it worked before

    At the heart of the battery is the Seebeck effect, which the developers themselves explain in simple words something like this:
    In a thermocouple, with a temperature difference, the electrons migrate from the hot side to the cold side, creating a voltage.
    The energy that occurs when the difference in degrees is enough to power the low-power Ambiq processor, and thus no one experiences any problems with autonomy and current performance characteristics. The thermocouple itself is not so small and occupies almost the entire space under the display and the board.

    In general, its presence was also a subject of controversy: some believed that all this was a hoax to “get classes”, but in fact there was some kind of powerful CR inside. In fact, everything is believable inside.

    Matrix inside

    In the new version, everything will not be quite so.
    A little google translate: The
    new watch is designed using the latest MATRIX thermoelectric and solar technologies, which can convert the heat of your body and the surrounding light into energy itself.
    In other words, maintaining a color display with GPS and a heart rate monitor with one wrist force is difficult, therefore, in the new version, another element for collecting solar energy will be added throughout the display.

    How this will be embodied inside, given that now where previously there was a smooth smooth space that provided normal contact between the body and wrists, the pulse sensor will be cut in, is also not yet clear.

    On the teaser, he seems to be present, but has become clearly much smaller in size. In any case, apparently, one Peltier element on the GPS and the pulse is no longer enough.

    Subjectively: why the second version seems less interesting

    Subjectively evaluating Matrix Powerwatch 2, it seems that they are less competitive and less interesting. In any case, the whole plaque of magic from science somehow disappears. Over the past years, we have been told so much about the energy of the sun and that it nourishes entire cities, that such a design in itself seems more affordable, less exclusive.

    Ideally, I would like to see a final version of Matrix X with a normal dictionary in the firmware, and many of this functionality would be enough with my head.

    However, when the campaign ends tomorrow, the Matrix team at Indiegogo will have over $ 2 million, and this is a pretty decent amount that characterizes the demand for watches. By the way, they will also cost a little more - the most top version now is about $ 700.

    As a result

    Firstly, after two years, all the contradictions that had dragged on since Reddit were resolved: say, all the hype. Both inside and outside, the watch looks believable and all the voiced elements are still found during parsing.

    Secondly, we must admit that at present, according to the first version, the team has a clear bias in interest in the Matrix X model : here you have localization, notifications, and dials. All other watches ( Powerwatch and Black OPS ) work in English.

    Thirdly, version X, with the advent of the campaign in the second hours, is getting less attention now, although it still works properly - the only bug that remains to be fixed in the firmware is notification symbols.

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