Serverless CMS is finally a worthy competitor for Wordpress

    Despite all its shortcomings, Wordpress is almost the standard when choosing a platform for a blog. It is also not unsuccessfully used in e-commerce and other business areas. But over the past 5 years, it has hardly changed visually, despite the great progress in front-end development during this time.


    Serverless CMS may not have millions of plugins like Wordpress, but it’s very convenient for both content managers and developers to use it. Editing pages takes place in real time, there is a large list of plug-ins and also a convenient graphic editor for working with pictures.

    It is written in GraphQL and React. The guys from Webiny provide the code in an open form , and also for convenience offer to use their hosting for a little money. And most importantly, you can make your API methods for quick integration with other services.

    And the cherry on the cake is an impressive list of built-in blocks for the design of the site, which you can drag onto your page and edit to your liking.

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