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    We have not written anything on Habr for a long time (someone probably remembered this quarter with gratitude), but during this time we tested a lot of things, played a lot of things, and decided that it might be interesting to someone.

    And the first “arrogance post” will be short - about CG Pods TWS headphones. They are all praised, but not so simple.

    In general, you need to start with the fact that it was we who once warned you against buying “real wireless” headphones. It was the end of 2016, and by that time this niche was just beginning to emerge, the first samples and the first errors appeared.

    The main one is a complete desync on the street. The Bluetooth of all early models could only work stably indoors. The idea, however, did not kill, then Apple arose, where (at that time) for the first time such a problem was not found. And wrap it all up ... And everything has turned to thousands of models by now.

    Since the end of the year, Case Guru Pods has been actively promoting in Russia .

    In general, the world, of course, is going crazy, in the sense that having reviewed a lot of reviews on this product, we noticed that almost no one characterizes them in terms of sound, except perhaps with general phrases from the series “pronounced bass line” and “ the sound is no worse than in Air Pods. ”

    Headphones are now somehow more customary to evaluate as an accessory in the categories of "convenience", "autonomy", "practicality", "price". There is a certain logic here: if you want to enjoy music, sit down in a chair, pour some wine and enjoy yourself, and if you want something to play along the road to work, choose something convenient.

    And now we have one convenient category - headphones completely devoid of wires. And from this point of view, CG Pods are quite adequate.

    Unlike direct Apple clones, the first Samsung IconX was taken as the basis, which is much more convenient from the point of view of “landing in the ears”. Headphones from the box have an additional elastic band, which is designed to strengthen their position in the ear.

    Like this:

    However, it is much more convenient (in our opinion) to abandon it and use a small elastic band-ear pads.

    It is worth mentioning that such an elastic band is also responsible for sealing, protection against dust / splashes, so if you remove it, there is a risk of extra elements getting inside the headphones. Under the elastic - directly the place of adhesion of the two halves of the body.

    In general, structurally, they are comfortable, they do not fly out of your ears, they sit comfortably - this is all true. Sometimes they have to be corrected (in my case, like any headphones), and there is a trick here - touch control. That is, for example, if you try to push them deeper in, poking into the case there is a risk of stopping playback, but you get used to it.

    Touch control has its pros and cons, in general. But you quickly adapt to it - several scenarios:


    • Only one earphone is active during a call
    • With an incoming call - a short press accepts the call, a long press rejects
    • Double click - last number dialing
    • During a conversation - a short press breaks the connection


    • Short press - play / pause
    • Hold in a couple of seconds - a new track
    • Double tap - volume up

    That is, for example, pushing the headphone inadvertently in the ear, you can pause playback.

    With the connection, too, in general, they did not experience any problems: everything is classic here - a long hold, alternately flickering lights and Bluetooth settings on the smartphone.

    Options The

    headphones are available in two colors: white and black . They come with a case, which is both a docking station and a bank for them.

    It has a pretty nice mechanism that ensures that the headphones do not fall out. On the one hand, there is even a special place for attaching the lace to carry the case around the neck.

    On the other hand, a cable connector:

    At the same time, when the case is in open form, the headphones also do not scatter right here: the magnetic mount is at a decent level.

    The capacity of the built-in battery is 2 * 55 mAh +, another two to three times they can be charged from the case on the road (450 mAh).

    Headphones are equipped with silicone ear pads of different sizes, additional mounts just in case, and a MicroUSB cable.


    Given that the headphones belong to the class of "urban", and even "sports", then while running around the city there are no time to make claims to the sound of complaints. At the same time, the sound in reality is very decent and loud. In any case, there are no complaints about the music of those genres that we usually listen to.

    At the same time, one of the key features that can be traced in every review and put out to the box is the “deep and rich” bass. Soundproofing is highly dependent on the ears, but the outside world is not very distracting.

    Headphones only for music

    In general, it’s strange, but out of all the reviewed and watched reviews there are few who have touched this, but the delay in playing is obvious, in other words, watching mobile shooters, movies and videos on YouTube is not a direct pleasure. Some, however, "watch" the same YouTube without video, in the background, but that is, that is.

    And now the title itself - where did they get it?

    Bluetooth 4.2

    Headphones are connected via Bluetooth 4.2, and - oh, a miracle - they stably keep the connection on the street. Listened to on iOS / Android. At the same time, the smartphone alternately visited all pockets - from the inside in the jacket to the back pockets of trousers, but we must pay tribute to once CG Pods did not hint and did not lose connections in the open (Iphone 7 / OnePlus 6).

    This is very decent for headphones of this price category and, in general, even in 2018 (the first time they fell into our hands last year), this can be recognized as an achievement.

    What's up

    It's nice that the TWS niche lives and develops, errors are fixed and normal stable devices appear that can be listened to without horror. In terms of sound and timing. CG Pods is a pretty decent city headset with an average autonomy in the class and a reasonable price - up to 5 thousand rubles.

    The design is ordinary, but comfortable, it sits quite tight in the ears and with dynamic walking, nothing falls out and does not lag behind. Management on the go is clear and simple. Actually, one of the most important parameters , which we considered an obstacle to the mass use of TWS, was brought to mind here that it already makes CG Pods stand out in a niche and cannot but rejoice.

    For those who want to buy - as usual there are discounts
    Headphones are in black and white . For each model until the end of March there is a 15% discount on the coupon: CGPODS15 .

    Thank you all for your attention!

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