9 films of the Let IT DOK! Contest worth seeing

    LANIT and the Documentary Film Festival "DOKer" have been friends for five years. Together with the organizing committee of the festival, we have come up with a contest on information technologies films, called «of IT for Let DOK!» . Films in this category tell how technology is changing the lives of people, their aspirations.

    This year, more than 300 films were submitted to the Let IT DOK! Contest, and 9 were selected for the finals. In this post we will tell you about these nine finalists. By the way, you can watch them in the cinema center "October" from April 3 to 8.

    Program Let IT DOK! 2019

    1. WHO MADE YOU?
    Director: Iiris Harma
    Finland, 2019, 55 min.
    World premiere

    Artificial intelligence and new technologies reach our mental and physical level of being, as never before in the history of mankind. This film is a journey into the world of cyborgs, sex robots and androids. This is a challenge for all of us to face our values ​​and ethics, to rethink our views on the future. The main character of the film is a young researcher, Dr. Michael Laakasuo, whose work “The Morality of Intelligent Machines” has received international recognition.

    Director: Jerry Rothwell
    India, UK, 2018, 85 min.
    Russian premiere

    Website: www.metfilmsales.com/production/the-school-in-the-cloud/

    The famous Indian scholar-enlightener Sugata Mitra suggests making drastic changes to the current education system in order to change the vector of the further development of science and culture. The professor's speeches at the TED conference had a significant worldwide response. It is not surprising that in 2013, Mitra won the TED Prize and received $ 1 million. This is one of the most prestigious prizes awarded for achievements in science, art and politics that change the lives of ordinary people for the better. The film tells how Mithra’s inspirational idea about self-organizing learning spaces - “Schools in the clouds”, a kind of laboratory where children can conduct research and learn from each other using resources from the “clouds”, is realized. The heroes of the film are Bengali students who first encounter the Internet. Will they be able to use it,

    Director: Ivan Golovnev
    Russia, 2019, 27 min.
    National Premiere

    Movie trailer: vk.com


    In 2016, e-sports games were declared an official sport in Russia. This film is a multi-month observation of the life of the eSports team. In the frame - the fall and rise of the champions of a new sport. A dynamic movie portrait of young people living in a virtual world.

    Director: Dieter Farrer
    Switzerland, 2018, 100 min.
    Russian premiere

    Website: www.dieviertegewalt.ch

    The Internet has changed everything, including journalism. Previous business models stop working, news is available at any time and for free. Viewers are immersed in the daily life of journalists, watching their struggle for new formats of the digital world. In this world, everyone uses the network with ease. Each is a user, and each is used.

    5. GAME NAME
    Director: Paul J. Vogel
    Finland, 2018, 96 min.
    Russian premiere

    Website: www.generalmagicthemovie.com/#press

    An exciting journey into the past when dreams of personal computers were just emerging. The story of a small but insanely talented group of people who in 1990 predicted and even developed the concepts of all the most important attributes of the modern digital industry and everyday life - smartphones, social networks, e-commerce and even emoticons. The rare archival materials and living evidence of today's gurus in the field of information technology immerse the viewer in the unique atmosphere of the digital era, when there was no Internet, no 3G, no Google, no mobile phones, when humanity was not yet ready to hold the whole world in its hands. All this seemed to be science fiction at best, however, the heroes of the film, despite a series of failures, believed that in the end it would all become a reality.
    Director: Alex Winter
    USA, 2018, 84 min.
    Russian premiere

    Website: www.trustmachinefilm.com

    The first documentary film created on the money of the blockchain, distributed and focused on the blockchain. The tape discusses the evolution of cryptocurrency and financial decentralization. The film touches on the role of technology in solving important real problems: hunger and income inequality. The author of the film is the famous Hollywood actor Alex Winter . He is also known as a director of information technology films. His painting “Downloaded” (2013) received worldwide acclaim from film critics at cinema and festival screenings. And the tape "Deep Web" (2015) has become the most popular documentary of the year in iTunes.

    Director: Hao Wu
    China, 2018, 95 min.
    Russian premiere

    Website: www.desire.film/reviews/

    Can virtual relationships replace real human ones? Especially when it comes to the digital universe, where streamers earn up to 200 thousand dollars a month. The film tells the stories of two such online stars who were born and raised in complete isolation in the wilderness of China, but achieved fame. The viewer will travel through their real lives and online broadcasts, which have become virtual gatherings for hundreds of millions of fans. At some point, the characters in the film realize that happiness in their virtual world can be as elusive as in the real one. Critics often compare the film with the famous TV series Black Mirror, only adjusted for documentary.

    Experimental unit

    Directed by: Robin Klengel, Leonard Mulner
    Austria, 2018, 16 min.
    Russian premiere

    Website: augohr.de/catalogue/operation-jane-walk#synopsis

    An unusual in form and ironic in content short film based on a multiplayer anti-utopian shooting game. The architectural-digital world of the game is an exact copy of the center of Manhattan. The authors perform an “artistic operation” over militaristic entertainment and confront it with the incongruous - a peaceful panoramic tour of the city.

    Director: Olivia Ebertts
    USA, 2018, 15 min.
    Russian premiere

    Director's website: www.oliviaebertz.com


    Film essay on the paradoxes of digital presence and the ability of technology to destroy time and space. Olivia from New York is trying to remotely learn Russian and is resorting to online lessons from a teacher Vari from Russia. Olivia is becoming so interested in the realities of Russian life that she begins to immerse herself in them more and more, exploring Vari’s accounts, browsing her hometown in Google Street View, studying the reviews of shops in her area. The film was shot exclusively on the built-in camera of the author’s computer monitor.

    * * *

    The winners in the Let IT Dok! Nomination will be those whose life is closely connected with information technology: Elena Gens (LANIT), Anna Balashova (RBC), Svetlana Zykova (Rusbase) and Alexander Levashov (TAdviser).

    In 2018, the film “Now My World” (Israel, Japan) won in our competition , and in 2016 the film “Relay of Dreams” , a joint work of authors from the UK, Germany, Austria.

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