Analytics of girls with low social responsibility (Charged with Power BI, Qlik Sense, Tableau)

Who are we and what were the prerequisites of the project?

Good afternoon, my name is Vladimir Lazarev, I am the head of BI-integrator Analytics Group. We make visual reports for business on marketing, sales, finance, logistics based on leading analytical platforms Qlik Sense, Power BI, Tableau.

In BI platforms, the visual component is very important. If you looked at dozens of demo reports of BI-systems and you do not like how this or that platform looks like, then most likely you will not implement it, even if you are satisfied with the price and technical specifications. Based on this, the need arises to see the same data in different analytical platforms, so that it can be compared.

And it is desirable that the data be interesting ... :-)

Where did the idea to make this report come from?

A few years ago, the Higher School of Economics published an article on pricing services for girls of low social responsibility in Moscow. This was an aggregated analysis of 1,800 profiles. We found the data that are behind these conclusions of the HSE sociologists interesting. And we decided to work on this topic.

Key ideas:

  • Show not only the conclusions that lie on the surface, but the data on the basis of which they were built;
  • To enable those who wish to independently analyze the patterns, put forward a hypothesis and test it.
  • The study should include a large selection of questionnaires to increase credibility;
  • Show not only “market supply”, but also demand based on statistical data in search engines;

Data Sources:

  • SQL database of questionnaires *, formed on the basis of one site included in the TOP 3 results in search engines Yandex and Google.
  • Excel file with relevant ** queries in the subject area of ​​analysis.
  • Excel file with historical query frequency in the Yandex search engine.
  • Excel file with the frequency of queries in the Google search engine.

* A parser was used to collect information. Parsing data was performed once.
** A tool for selecting relevant queries was

Business Roles & USER-story

In ordinary projects, we always specify who will use analytics and what questions (direct or indirect) a person wants to find answers.

But this is bad luck - this project has no customer. Therefore, we had to invent three roles and their questions.

So the roles we got are as follows:

  1. Girl of low social responsibility
  2. Site Administrator with profiles
  3. Real Estate Owner

Girl with low social responsibility

"Indie" Elvira is 25 years old. It looks good, familiar men estimate her age in the region of 19-20 years. He goes in for sports, attends a solarium, a healthy diet, good manicure and all things. She used to live well, not really deny herself something. But such a lifestyle requires a lot of money. Office work, she believes, is not for her. She loves sex and does not see something shameful in this lesson. Economic education and an analytical mindset prompted her to approach the process of determining pricing, a list of services provided with a pragmatic approach. Elvira decided to analyze the data using the BI platform.

Purpose: to identify key points in order to be competitive and earn more.

She is interested in the following questions:
  • For what cost do “colleagues” with similar parameters (height, weight, chest, age) sell their time in the area of ​​Elvira? Does it make sense to find an apartment in another District of Moscow for the same money, but with a higher average bill or less competition?
  • Is it worth it to overestimate or underestimate your age in the profile?
  • Does it make economic sense to increase the second breast size to the fourth and how quickly will the investment in the operation pay off?

Website owner with profiles

Meet Felix Albertovich - the owner of the site with profiles. Imperious, 45 year old charming man, with good communication skills, rich previous experience in marketing and not only. I was able to fill the site with many profiles of different girls, to ensure good attendance of this resource through SEO promotion. Currently, he earns on paid placement of profiles on the site.

Purpose: to understand the needs of society, to identify promising areas of work with your site

By contacting a business intelligence agency, he expects to receive the following answers:
  • What is the portrait of a typical indie?
  • What queries do users make on search engines?

An entrepreneurial self-employed citizen who rents an apartment

Mitya is an adventurer, keeping pace with the times, with a solid approach to business. I'm used to being guided by statistics and facts. Mitya has an apartment in the Central Administrative District of Moscow. He wants to find how to make more money on his asset.

Purpose: to find a new, more efficient model for using your apartment

Key questions:
  • If you rent an apartment to a girl of low social behavior, not for a fixed amount, but for% of income, is it possible to earn more with this approach?

Elvira's managerial findings

Elvira saw that “colleagues” with similar parameters in terms of age, breast size, height and weight offer the same prices - 4080 - 4930 rubles / hour. Except for the Zapadny and Tsentralny districts.

Competition is minimal in the "Moscow Region", only 20 profiles, and the cost of renting housing is almost two times lower than in any administrative district of Moscow while maintaining the level of cost per hour.


At the same time, Elvira would like to sell the services more expensive over time, therefore, she created a duplicate questionnaire, indicating accommodation in the Western District and work exclusively on departure for the night. If there are a sufficient number of proposals, she will move to the area.

Age indicated its real - 25 years. Because I saw that the maximum price per night is indicated in the profiles in the age category from 25 to 30 years. A filter was set for the priority service.


Regarding the feasibility of breast augmentation from 2 breast sizes to 4, Elvira considered:

  • The average cost of her hour increases by 1.190 (7.060 - 5.870 = 1.190).
  • Breast augmentation surgery costs 300,000 rubles
  • Thus, an investment in breast augmentation will pay off 252 man-hours. With a load of 5 hours a day, it is 50 business days.


Felix's managerial findings

Felix Albertovich first decided to understand a typical portrait of an “indie”. So he saw:

  • Average age: 29.8 years
  • Wed breast size: 2.8
  • Wed height: 168 cm
  • Wed weight: 57 kg
  • Wed clothing size: 44


Felix Albertovich further decided to analyze queries in search engines. Previously, he had already systematized key queries by group, we lacked an understanding of the weight of each keyword, statistics of his queries.


In the analytical report, Felix saw a steady increase in the number of queries. In 2018, compared with 2017, the number of requests increased by 60% (from 9.99 million to 16.59 million).


As expected, most requests are related to location. In second place are general requests, in third price classification. This prompted Felix to use dynamic content on the site, depending on what search query people came to him.


He also drew attention to the significant predominance of visits from mobile phones in search queries - almost three times. Therefore, he instructed the programmer-layout designer of his site to check the quality display on the mobile phone.


An interesting point - individual groups of queries grow faster than others.


For example, “Price category” - the “Cheap” subcategory increased by 74% (against 60% growth on average). Also, individual keywords “the cheapest *****” grew by 113% and “**** Uzbek women” grew by 120%. But Felix looks at these data taking into account not only a percentage ratio, but also a quantitative one.


Miti's Management Conclusions

Mitya has an apartment in the Central Administrative District of Moscow and he wants to rent it out. “On the market” such an apartment is for rent for 100-120 thousand rubles. But he would like to earn more. Therefore, I decided to rent an indie apartment for% of income. For them - there are less risks of an undesirable reaction of the owner of the apartment, for him - more income from the apartment.

Mitya hypothesized that girls who sell their time more expensive will bring him a potentially higher income. He has an apartment in the Central Administrative District, so he first looked at what budgets the girls usually sell their hour in the area.


Most of the profiles (206 pcs.) Sell their hour in the Central Administrative District from 10,000 rubles. Then he sorted out profiles that are not found in the Central Administrative District, but sell themselves for a similar price tag. It will be this audience that he will sort on the site, with the goal of ringing and offering a different scheme for renting an apartment, but in the Central Administrative District.


When selling an average of 3 hours a day with a check from this audience, the total revenue per month is: 11.203 * 3 hours * 30 days = 1.008.270 rubles / month.


Moreover, if he receives 20%, then the apartment will be sold for more than 200,000 rubles / month.

In the calculations, Mitya did not take into account income with additional. services:



In conclusion of this article, I would like to note that the subject area of ​​analysis is quite controversial. Of course, this topic is a problem of society. We deliberately wrote this article with humor, and “Management Conclusions” were built with a share of absurdity to make information easier to perceive, but we hope to make us think about the trend.

In this regard, the analytical platform, like nothing else, allows you to see the real picture, just numbers, followed by the right human actions.

Using this example, we have shown that it is possible to analyze any topic or business, its indicators, build your hypotheses, relying on facts. This is especially true when there is a lot of data, when they are in different sources, and mixing into a single picture takes a lot of time. This is true for marketing, sales, finance, logistics, commodity accounting. If there is a need, write, we will be happy to discuss a possible solution.

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