[Peter] Containers and distributions - JUG.ru meeting with Dmitry Chuiko and Alexander Belokrylov

    On Thursday, March 21, at the Oracle office in St. Petersburg, JUG.ru will meet with Dmitry Chuiko and Alexander Belokrylov ( alexbel ) from BellSoft. Dmitry will talk about Java in a container environment, and Alexander will talk about creating and maintaining his Java distribution.

    Participation is free, registration is required. You can register at this link .

    A little about BellSoft
    Company  BellSoft  founded in 2017 came from Oracle development center in St. Petersburg. BellSoft is actively involved in the development of the Java platform and is among the top 5 OpenJDK contributors along with Oracle, RedHat, SAP and Google. The company releases and maintains Liberica JDK, a Java distribution based on OpenJDK for an extended set of platforms, including containerized builds with Alpine Linux. BellSoft is licensed by TCK, so all Liberica JDKs are guaranteed to comply with the Java SE standard. 
    The company's activities are also related to the development and support of other complex open source products, such as OpenJDK, GCC and LLVM compilers and Hadoop big data platforms.

    1. Practical application of the new Java 11 functionality in a container environment.

    Dmitry Chuyko

    How wonderful that in Java 11 you can create and deploy your runtime images — custom runtime images. But their use creates additional requirements for libraries and the development process. Is it always possible and does everyone need it? 
    Often we just want to save money, and you can use universal images. The question is what resources we manage, to what extent and for what. Often these are the physical resources of one machine and time.

    Starting with the 10 Java, the container behaves appropriately, work on this continued in Java 11. We will look at the effectiveness of the new Java 11 functionality for the container environment using specific examples of Docker images with Liberica JDK 11. But this is only the beginning of the story, so like a whole operating system is crammed into Java containers.
    About the speaker

    Dmitry Chuyko is a performance engineer at BellSoft, one of the top 5 OpenJDK contributors. Before joining BellSoft, Dmitry programmed in Java, and then worked on Hotspot JVM in Oracle. All previous experience with Java has shown that the most interesting problems in applications get their solutions in the underlying platform. Currently, Dmitry is mainly optimizing OpenJDK for ARM64, the company has even implemented his own JEP 315 in Java 11 on this topic.

    2. Making your own Java distribution.

    Alexander Belokrylov

    Some people think that OpenJDK is a Java distribution that is suitable for use in production. In fact, OpenJDK is a  codebase that needs to be  assembled  and  tested  to work in a corporate environment.
    In this report, Alexander will share his knowledge about what it takes to create a ready-made OpenJDK binary, what kind of work is behind it, and will also talk about who else (and why) makes their own OpenJDK binary assemblies.
    About the speaker

    Alexander Belokrylov has been working in the IT industry for more than 15 years; he has gone from engineer to manager. At Oracle, he led the development of Java ME Embedded, and later one of the Oracle IoT Cloud Service components. In 2017, he founded BellSoft with a group of like-minded people, which produces and maintains its own Liberica JDK Java distribution for Linux x86, Linux ARM, Windows, Mac and others, and also develops solutions for analyzing big data and IoT. Repeated participant in the conferences of JPoint, Joker, JavaOne, JEEConf and many others.


    Recently, we did an interview with Alexander Belokrylov and Alexei Voytylov, which is well suited for understanding the issues that BellSoft works with and the point of view based on which the logic of their reports is built. You can read the interview here .

    How to get to the meeting

    When : March 21 from 20:00 to 22:30

    Where : Peter, 10A Krasnoarmeyskaya, 22A,
    Kellerman Business Center, 2nd floor, Oracle office.
    View on the map .


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