Retail plot density

    Here in December I managed to promise a post about how we survived the new year. Well, that’s all. But there have been cases. Such stories happen in ordinary times, but for the new year there are much more coincidences due to the greater plot density.

    The most enchanting case was at Mega White Cottage . We ordered an additional bank terminal there. And I must say that the last time the bank engineer left us an official flash drive. This time the terminal was mounted in another store, the "Republic of the Games." These are the guys who were selling discs, and now they are selling generally all kinds of entertainment.

    The master came and asked if they were selling tables (and they were trading, and ours), and he set up a terminal. Then he called the regional coordinator, said that everything is ok. For two days, the terminal worked for the Republicans. Then they noticed that the revenue did not go to them. And our sellers have already asked again when the terminal will be. Bottom line: all those who paid them transferred money to us. Of course, then we gave it to our dear partners. Just in case, asking a couple of times what legal entity. The hardest thing was to maintain a serious facial expression at the same time. What they said to the bank is especially interesting to me.

    Then a guy came and said that he collects Monopolies.What put the sellers of the store at a logical impasse, and then part of the office. Of all that can only be collected, perhaps this is one of the strangest phenomena. Okay, I generally hardly understand collectors in the age of digital media.

    On December 31, the girl, at the closing of the point, asked to tell about the Pandemic.Two young sellers refused to open the game. If anything, we open almost any game (there are non-trivial exceptions, but in the general case - any). Well, the guys said it’s a long time to explain the rules, and we are closing. And tomorrow is the New Year and in general. That is, they refused not only to open the game, but also to explain what it is. This is not the service we promise. In general, hereinafter the standard form of jamming the jamb: he cut himself, correct him. They took the game to the customer to show how to play.
    - Husband for an hour from Mosigra!
    - Two!

    The store at the Airport grabbed a week of adventure.First, the toilet began to feed. Then they turned off the light for two days. And then they surrounded the neighbors: there is a Beeline and shawarma point nearby. They didn’t have time to break into us. As I have already said, it is important to run not faster than a tiger, but faster than a neighbor: who needs trolleys when there are much more accessible neighbors nearby? We even write in presentations that games almost do not steal: they are voluminous, so you won’t take much away.

    At the beginning of December, girls of about fifth grade began to come to Taganka, and every day they bought sluts.We just brought them into the assortment of large ones. What is characteristic, paid in coins. Every day they bought from 1 to 5 pieces, poured a kilogram of coins, then shared the lizunov directly at the box office. The question was what was being done to them in such numbers. With this money you could buy a lot of desktops, if that. But if the noble donnas want, then why not? They do nothing forbidden. The answer happened in the last days of the month. A woman came and told that they were tearing out a small piece of lizun there at the school and selling it to classmates for 10 rubles. Get a fat and buy more lizunov. We remained in very double feelings, but they never came again.

    Verification by mystery shopper.The implementation scenario is a game for an 8 year old girl. TP asked for something smarter, our seller Dima began to show sets of experiments. And then something triggered on the experience card with a bottle and an egg. This is a standard topic for the school: we lower the pressure in the bottle with fire, due to the pressure difference, an egg is drawn inside without an egg shell. Unlike ships in a bottle, it turns out almost every time. So, she saw this experience and started directly yelling at sellers: “What are you selling? Who does this at all? What are you crazy about forcing a child to do this! ” In general, fell into a rage, then ran away. It seems to us that this was Stirlitz’s failure. This is not the only mistake of mystery shoppers - in Chelyabinsk, for example, they checked not our point, but the one adjacent to the games. Nearby is our former franchisee partner, with whom we had already terminated the contract for several years, So the mystery shopper looked at him from old memory. Well, the biggest hit, of course, is the scene in Vladivostok:
    - Hello, I'm a mystery shopper, and now I will check you!

    Air Park, a man saw the price of the Imaginarium. He says, you give, and here it’s 750 rubles more. We explain that you can return the goods there, then buy the same from us. Moreover, this is a frequent case. We give the cards of a nanoyurist (then they just were). Only 10 minutes later, two employees of that point appeared on the threshold with a menacing question:
    - Why are you selling board games cheaper?
    I had to explain the rights of the consumer.

    An elderly couple came to the warm camp, they said that they bought the game in another store, they want to return it. But they came to us, because they are embarrassed to go there, or they are still somehow afraid. And they went in to consult how to do everything better. In general, they were explained everything, prepared for dialogue, and told. Since then, they often go to the seller who explained all this. Already friends of the store.

    In general, people often go to the same seller. Here you come out of vacation and hear something like:
    - Oh, you came back, I didn’t buy anything without you.
    And it turns out that a person came in, but without seeing a familiar face, just left.

    A drunken comrade really wanted to buy something, but really could not decide on the game.“I want this one, that one. Both breaks. No, take it away. ” And such a circus lasted about 40 minutes. The eldest came out, cleared the situation with a confident commanding voice:
    “Listen, where are you going next?
    - Hang out for the boys!
    “Are you smart?”
    - Well, not really.
    - Here, take this game.
    I bought poker.

    If you think that only customers can come in thumped or smeared, then you are mistaken. We had two cases during the year when interns tried to start a working day in altered states of consciousness. Procedure - urgently remove from the store, find any replacement. Administrators escort the body home. Forever and ever.

    People regularly try to give thanks for good tips in stores.There are no tips in Russia, so some bring candy, some chocolate, some bullseye. This is from year to year, we even brought a cake to the point. And then one day the buyer really wanted to thank the girl. He took out a pack of pills. Says:
    - I'm just a representative of the farm. Take it. This is from the throat.
    - Mom taught me not to take pills from unfamiliar uncles!

    The Spaniards came to Tverskaya. Give the phone. It is written in Russian in the translator’s window: “Do you have Far?”. It turned out that playing cubes were multifaceted.

    Woman at the point: I need a game for 50 years - we play with companies. Salesman: here, "Answer in 5 seconds," the simplest patigames. She turns to fantasies (which are 18+):
    - That's all played. These are normal games. And the rest is baby talk!

    Parents at the mall . They came with a child, and then suddenly merged to a neighboring point. And the child was left. This is generally one of the worst situations both at the game store and in the store. All possible jambs are in training at the school of sellers. And now the child begins to cry even before the heap. The saleswoman carefully approaches:
    - Don’t cry, I’m afraid of you myself!
    The child suddenly calmed down.

    On Taganskaya in December, sellers were pathologically unable to make a bow for packaging. They need a pretty good manual skill, but they somehow did not develop it. As a result, Elina (the head of the school of sellers), responsible for training, made 300 bows for them.

    Children sometimes take the game and carry their parents to show in another store. It is necessary to intercept and lure back: "And let's open this game, let's see what's inside, interesting?" The problem is that we have one person in regional stores, and if the child runs away, the store will have to be closed before the search and rescue expedition. But usually there are two sellers, one goes to the parents and says: "Your child took the game with him a little."

    Well, a minute of social engineering.The day after the theft of the painting by Kuindzhi from the Tretyakov Gallery, we carried out the Jackal in approximately the same way in the luxury edition, which is over 15 thousand. Just a man came in, went to the rack, took the game and left. And it's enchanting because I read both news (about Kuindzhi and us) when I was taken out of the Coliseum. In Rome. The fact is that I had 4 hours left in this beautiful city, and here some people burnt down, that even in the nineteenth century, when cleaning the Coliseum for restoration, I found a lot of everything from the flora. Plants and animals from different countries were brought there. Plants rained seeds, animals pooped fruits and seeds - and atlas was formed. So at once three people a day using approximately similar social engineering, touched the beautiful. I did everything beautifully, just went after the employee in the morning and made a maximally stoned face.

    I do not advise searching and buying, it is only available Print-on-demand in poor scans, and there are few pictures.

    Sima was a wonderful case. On Monday, she replaces the elder at Belorusskaya, a courier arrives to pick up goods from the store for delivery. On Tuesday she is at the Airport - this is her second store. The same courier gets there, greets, says, oh, girl, and we saw each other yesterday. Sima:

    - But I do not remember you. What are you talking about? Was it exactly here yesterday?

    He was embarrassed, introduced himself again, took the goods, left. Wednesday. She helps Paveletskaya with the calculation. And again the same courier. He went in, said, "Yes, you are mocking me," he left. Then he returned, took the order. He didn’t talk to anyone in particular and did not look into his eyes.

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