Life without Facebook: less radical views, good mood, more time for loved ones. Now proven by science

    A group of researchers from Stanford and the University of New York has released a new study on the impact of facebook on our mood, attention and relationships.

    The peculiarity is that it is the most impressive and deep research (n = 3000, check-ins every day for a month, etc.) about the influence of social media on people today. The control group used FB daily, while the experimental group abandoned it for a month.

    results: Rejection of Facebook causes difficulties in relations with relatives, creates problems with time planning, and complicates articulation of political views.

    Just kidding Of course, people without Facebook have more time (≈1 hour per day), they pay more attention to friends and family, they have less radical political views.

    In the process, it turned out that people, on average, estimate the refusal of FB for a month at $ 100–200 (remember, this is what they want for +30 hours to life).

    Perhaps the most important discovery: turning off social media just enhances the mood and the feeling of pleasure from life. Not much, but statistically significant.

    Stanford researchers have not yet made official conclusions, and are waiting for peer studies. However, it is clear that FB as a platform is increasingly being pressed to do something with the so-called "attention hygiene".

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