Thimble (Mozilla) Moves to Glitch

From mid-December 2018, an announcement about the move to the Glitch project platform appeared on the Thimble project site from Mozilla . The transfer must be fully completed by December 16, 2019.

Both platforms have already been discussed on Habré. Articles about Thimble - Article 1 , Article 2 . An article about the Glitch .

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The official statement says the following (translation of the statement):

A note on Thimble. (dated December 18, 2018).

Mozilla collaborates with Glitch so that Thimble projects can be published and made available for change.

In the coming months, Thimble users — built on the Mozilla browser — should move their projects to Glitch. Glitch is a platform similar to Thimble, where users can easily create and publish applications, web pages and much more for free.
The transition process will be easy for Thimble users, just a few clicks. Your project will remain fully editable — you can simply continue your project. Glitch will also host introductory webinars for Thimble users.

Why do these changes occur? Over the years, Mozilla educational software has been helping to learn the most important skills in the IT world - starting with creating your content while mastering HTML and CSS. But as new threats and opportunities emerge on the open Internet, Mozilla sometimes decommissions projects to focus on new ones.

Over the next few months, when Thimble users will transfer their projects to the Glitch, we will gradually disable Thimble features. Incremental outages will be conducted approximately throughout the study semesters in order to minimize the impact on the schedule of courses in educational institutions. We expect Thimble to be fully ported and then removed by December 2019. After this date, all data projects and accounts on Thimble will be deleted.

We want to keep more than 1.4 million Thimble projects online. And we are pleased that these projects and the people behind them will continue to grow and develop on Glitch, a powerful community whose motto is creativity and openness. In addition, the spirit of Thimble lives in many of the latest Mozilla initiatives, starting with our “ Open Source Health Report ” on the Internet and ending with the support of Mozilla Fellows who are engaged in educational projects on the Internet. Many of these initiatives have been developed with input from staff and the community who support Thimble.

If you are a Thimble user and want to learn more about transferring your project to Glitch, watch this video or register for webinars on January 8, January 22, or February 6 . You can also contact us at

The end of the statement.

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