DUMP-2019 conference: we invite you to speak in the DevOps and Mobile sections


    The ninth DUMP conference will be held April 19 in Yekaterinburg. This year we are preparing 8 sections: Backend, Frontend, Mobile, Testing and QA, Devops, Design, Science and Management. Plus master classes, dedicated areas for communication with speakers and afterparties.

    In previous posts, we described what topics we are looking for for the Backend, Frontend and Science sections and for the Design, Management, Testing sections . In this post - topics that we want to discuss in the DevOps and Mobile sections and instructions on how to become a speaker.

    Registration for participants is open. One day left to buy a ticket for DUMP at the lowest price - 5000 rubles. Starting February 20, the price will rise to 6,000 rubles. Below are all the details.

    What is a DUMP

    For those who don’t know, DUMP (Development. Usability. Management. Practice) is the largest developer conference that has been held in Yekaterinburg since 2011. In 2018, she gathered 1,500 people from Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Ufa, Kurgan, Moscow, Izhevsk, Perm and other cities.

    Last year, Grigory Bakunov (Yandex), Alexey Akulovich (VKontakte), Sergey Abdulmanov (Mosigra), Alexey Savvateev (CEMI RAS), Alexander Burt, Zarema Halilova (Uploadcare), Alexey Migutsky (Microsoft), Seryozha Popov (HTML) Academy), Oleg Anastasiev (Odnoklassniki) and another 37 coolest speakers.

    All videos of last year’s reports can be viewed on our YouTube channel . Separately laid out presentations andphotos .

    Program committee

    This year the DevOps section is being prepared by: Senior Director of the Strategic Projects Group, Office of Strategic and Project Management, ICL Services Mikhail Tsykarev and Software Engineer at Odnoklassniki Alexander Tarasov .

    The section for mobile developers is made by: Maxim Keegan , iOS developer at the Bank, Maxim Rovkin, author of ETransport, Android developer at OSOME, Maxim Rovkin , founder of GDG in Yekaterinburg, Rodion Revin , director of information technology at the incubator Medicine of the Future .

    I want to speak at DUMP-2019

    Section program directors described topics that are of interest to us below. If you have something to tell on one of these topics and you want to speak, write to us. Any formats are possible: section report (40 min), blitz report (10-20 minutes), master class. Applications are accepted until February 20.

    If you didn’t see a topic in the list, but want to speak with it, write to us anyway. Perhaps the program committee will decide that the report will be super useful and will include it in the program.

    Topics for the sections Backend, Frontend and Science and for the sections Design, Management, Testing, we described in separate posts.


    We were always happy with hardcore cases and solutions tested on large working projects. And this year we also want to look into the near future and understand where DevOps is moving.

    Here is a list of topics that we would like to consider in the section:
    • Containers, orchestration, cloud computing (Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless).
    • What cloud? Comparison of cloud services.
    • Experience in implementing DevOps: successes, failures, lost illusions.
    • What is DevSecOps? Practices for embedding the secure development process in the DevOps process, techniques and tools.
    • CI / CD: only cases, only hardcore.
    • Databases in the clouds.
    • New approaches and tools in configuration management.

    If you did not find a topic in the list, but you have something to share with the devops community, send the application anyway . We will definitely consider it!

    One of the reports of last year: Alexander Lukyanchenko spoke about the transition of Avito to local development using Kubernetes, with the help of which they accelerated productivity fourfold


    Mobile development is perhaps the fastest growing industry in IT. We are waiting for interesting reports on new tools and technologies in development for Android and iOS, chips and life hacks, common problems and ways to solve them.

    Here is a short and incomplete list of areas in which we accept reports for our Mobile section:

    1. Mobile backend as a service. Backendless and analogues. Use experience: successes, failures, lessons.
    2. Cross-platform development: Xamarin, React Native, Flutter.
    3. Android technology.
    4. IOS technology.
    5. Mobile application architecture.

    Did not find the topic on the list, but do you have something to tell? Leave a request , we will definitely consider it!

    One of the best reports of the last year section: Igor Chevdar (JetBrains) spoke about the reasons for the appearance of Kotlin / Native, about the current state of affairs and plans for the future

    I want to participate

    Until February 20, you can buy a ticket at a minimum price of 5000 rubles. Then the price will rise to 6,000 rubles.

    We understand that it is difficult to decide on participation without knowing the speakers. Look at the reports of past years to make sure that we always invite significant and cool speakers to the conference. This year's reports will soon appear on the conference website .

    Looking forward to seeing you at DUMP!

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