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    In the new issue, we talk about server animations, the “bad” Google, image acceleration and localization tools, enchanting dating application for the refrigerator and a culture of growth in companies. Get connected!

    Animations in iOS applications born on the server

    iOS engineers must have guessed what volumes of work are in question: in order to delete old and add new animations, it is necessary to perform many actions on the client side. To do this, Android and iOS teams must be involved in each release, and, together with the time required to approve the update in the App Store, this means that launching each release with updated animations can take several days. However, we managed to solve this problem, and now I will tell you how.

    Ok Google! Are you good or evil?

    So it happened that the company of good, which I loved and admired so much, caused me so much evil. But first things first.

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    • (+11)  Compilation acceleration in Xcode on Swift
    • (+11)  Static Generic tables
    Fortnite earned $ 500 million on iOS
    Found new iPhone applications that record user actions  +  Apple asked to remove the analytics code or explain it to users
    Pioneer AR / VR Bar-Zeev left Apple
    imageActivity classification for watchOS
    imageAdd pinch to zoom to the image on Swift
    imageBest practices and tools for iOS projects
    imageAirbnb’s Swift Style Guide in Open Source
    imageStrongly typed Notifications in Swift
    imageThings that a novice Swift developer should know
    imageSwinject in

    Android practice

    • (+24)  Play Store now accepts progressive web applications (PWA)
    • (+13)  Creation of your first ARCore application
    • (+13)  Reasons for the emergence of ANR and how to avoid it
    • (+13)  Experience creating an Android game alone from scratch and how it was phased out on Google Play
    • (+10) How I accelerated image processing on Android by 15 times
    Google released two applications to help the hearing impaired
    imageFrom Android to iOS development in 2018
    imageOne surprisingly real reason to use the old Animation (API 1+)
    imageUse lazy in Kotlin to bind View in Android
    imageKotlin crib in cheat sheet
    imageStatus of Navigation Drawer
    imageCreating responsive and stretchable Android UI for ChromeOS
    imageOkHttp 3.13 requires Android 5+
    imageRoom + coroutines


    • (+104)  How we distribute orders between drivers in Yandex.Taxi
    • (+43 ) How I helped Alice not to respond to other names. Internship in Yandex
    • (+33)  Editor in UX: labor, rial life
    • (+5)  Integration of React Native and C ++ for iOS and Android
    • (+4)  What does a programmer need to develop games and who is the real game developer from programmer
    Best tools for localizing mobile applications
    Podlodka # 96: Package managers
    Podlodka # 97: Type systems
    Samsung made a dating application for the refrigerator
    Amazon launched Baby Skill Activity API for Alexa
    Google Cloud Firestore left beta
    “Cookbooks” by O'Reilly in the Humble Book Bundle
    Microsoft will release a cross-platform SDK for Xbox Live
    imageApplication development status 2018
    imageClean code in real life
    imageWhy UX is important for enterprises
    imageTest-Driven Development is not about testing at all
    imageApplication design for local shopping: UX research
    imageFarm food app design: UX / UI research
    imageIn-app messages and push notifications: what is the difference and how to use them
    imageHow to easily configure Continuous Deployment in your home project
    image10 signs that you are a bad programmer
    imageHow to make a yoga app

    Analytics, marketing and monetization

    How the company’s growth culture is formed
    Sencrop: agricultural stations
    CloudKitchens: cloud-based kitchens for food delivery
    The most profitable diet apps in the USA
    Women prefer mobile games, but few games
    Russian gaming grew twice as fast as the world in 2018
    Calm meditation app became a unicorn
    “Conversion optimization: win on mobile” course from Google
    Evolution of retention mechanics
    To prevent the user from closing the application even when loading: rules for creating the initial screen
    How to measure product / market fit using metrics
    imageInteresting application market data for 2019
    imageKPI Mobile Guide
    imagePerfect storm Draw Something: 50 million installations in 50 days
    image10 precepts of a good product
    imageHow much it costs to develop an educational application
    imageAppsee raffles off tickets to mobile conferences
    imageReferral marketing for mobile games

    AI, Devices, IoT

    • (+202) Morty, we're at UltraHD! How to watch any movie in 4K, completing it through a little-known neural network
    • (+84) Open course “Deep Learning on the fingers”
    • (  +59) Cheaper price for  small series of electronics in Russia. WOLNA Internet radio case
    • • (+28)  Many characters - many neural networks: how to build an effective recognition system for a large number of classes?
    • (+13)  As a programmer, datacenterists wrote kernel
    4 machine learning techniques in Python

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